Monday, July 12, 2010

McCain - Kyl Endorse Brewer

Arizona’s two Republican senators are endorsing Gov. Jan Brewer in the state’s gubernatorial primary, citing her defense of a new illegal immigration law currently being challenged by the Obama administration.

“There has been no stronger defender of the State of Arizona than Gov. Jan Brewer,” said Sen. John McCain in a joint statement with Sen. Jon Kyl. “From border security to health care to job creation, Gov. Brewer has consistently stood up for our state. Gov. Brewer continues to lead the fight against the Obama Administration’s frivolous lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law.”
Kyl said that Brewer "has shown courage in fighting for the rights of Arizonans."

McCain, previously a champion of comprehensive immigration reform, has become more hawkish on border security in the face of his own tough primary contest against radio host J.D. Hayworth. He recently disagreed with Brewer’s statement that most illegal immigrants are “mules” being used to smuggle drugs into America, but lauded her overall handling of the immigration law. “I think the governor of Arizona has done a good job in this whole debate,” he said on NBC’s Meet the Press last month.

Brewer, who once struggled in her re-election bid, enjoyed a burst of popularity after the passage of the new law. She now leads in her contest against businessman Owen “Buz” Mills and political newcomer Matthew Jette in the lead-up to the August 24 primary election. State Treasurer Dean Martin bowed out of the race last week.


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