Thursday, July 22, 2010

CARL SEEL - Bad Check Writer

According to a report published in the Arizona Capitol Times, a payday lender has had to sue Arizona Representative Carl Seel, R, LD 6, for a check that bounced.

Payday Loan Store of AZ # 341 filed a lawsuit against Seel on June 17, claiming that Seel bounced a check for $ 588.23, he had written to the lender to secure a loan.

Seel told the Yellow Sheet Report, a publication of the Arizona Capitol Times, that he was unaware the check had bounced or that he was being sued.

"I'll make good on it. I'm not going to leave them hanging," Seel said. "It's embarrassing. It shouldn't have happened."

Seel said he sought the payday loan earlier this year after his business, a small publishing company, began to suffer as a result of the economic downturn.

"A lot of people are struggling now, and I'm not immune to the economy," Seel said.

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