Monday, July 12, 2010

AZ Right to Life Endorses Brewer

Phoenix, AZ-

July 12, 2010 -

Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee ("AZRTL PAC") today announces its endorsement of Jan Brewer in the Republican Primary for Arizona Governor.

AZRTL PAC endorses Jan Brewer because of her strong support of the pro-life cause over her 25 year political career. In just her first term as governor since being appointed in January of 2009, Governor Brewer signed eight pro-life bills into law that will help protect innocent human life in Arizona. Among those bills signed into law incude a ban of partial-birth abortions in Arizona and a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before an abortion can be performed. "Unlike her immediate predecessor, Governor Brewer has shown she truly cares about women and children by recognizing the importance of protecting all innocent life, including the unborn. For these reasons, AZRTL PAC strongly endorses Governor Brewer in the Republican Primary for Arizona Governor," according to Walt Opaska, Chairman of the AZRTL PAC.

Other pro-life bills signed by Governor Brewer include a ban on non-doctors performing surgical abortions, a bill that opts Arizona out of providing abortion coverage in any insurance exchanges offered under the new federal health care law and a prohibition on Arizona taxpayer dollars from being used to fund insurance coverage for elective abortions for government employees.

The Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee is Arizona's oldest, largest, and strongest political pro-life organization. To learn more about Arizona Right to Life, please visit our website at

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