Thursday, July 29, 2010

LIAR, LIAR - GOP Candidate Lies to GOP, Supported Clinton

GOP Candidate Lies, Supported Hillary Clinton

By Bob Haran

At a candidate forum for the Arizona House on Monday night, (July 26), in Legislative District 6, I asked the five candidates that showed up if any of them had contributed to any liberal, pro-abortion cause or Democrat candidates like Hillary Clinton in the past ten years? And yes, I specifically said Hillary Clinton. All five candidates; John Adam Kowalski, Amanda Reeve, Steve Kaiser, David Fitzgerald lll, and Carl Seel, all in turn adamantly responded NO to my question.

After asking my question, a lady asked me if I knew the answer my question, I responded with a simple "YES."

One of the five candidates for the Republican nomination for the Arizona House of Representatives, all who claim to be strongly conservative, pro-life, and a life long Republican, had just lied to the District 6 Republican Precinct Committeemen.

Unlike some other political blogs, The American Conservative Republican likes to verify information before we publish it.

A reliable source, (which means someone I know but who's name I will keep confidential), E-mailed me a copy of Federal Elections Commission form 3, (REPORT OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS) for the "Friends of Hillary" committee dated 10/15/2005. On page 584 of the report under item B was the name of a contributor as David Fitzgerald lll, mailing address 4530 W. Misty Lane, Glendale, AZ 85310-3901, name of employer as SELF, Occupation Real Estate Broker, Date of Receipt 9/15/2005, amount of receipt $250.00.

It might be possible that two people in Arizona in the real estate business might have the name David Fitzgerald lll, therefore, I had to verify that this was the same David Fitzgerald lll running for the Arizona House as a Republican in LD6.

The Arizona Corporation Commission -- Corporations Division, had a listing for a David E Fitzgerald lll with the address as 4530 W Misty Willow Ln, Glendale, 85310 listed as the President/CEO of Success One Realty Inc and a Yukari Fitzgerald of the same address, listed as the Secretary of Success One.

So far I have proved that the David Fitzgerald lll listed in the FEC report is the same David E Fitzgerald lll listed with the Arizona Corporation Commission. However, is this the same Fitzgerald running for office in LD 6?

The Arizona Capitol Times 2010 Primary Elections Guide has a listing of all candidates for the Arizona legislature. Under Arizona House District 6 is Fitzgerald, David (Republican), OCCUPATION: Broker/owner, Success One Realty, since 1998. MARTIAL: Married (Yukari, loan officer).

The information therefore has been verified, the David Fitzgerald III that contributed $ 250 to the Hillary Clinton campaign for the United States Senate from New York on 9/15/2005 is one and the same as the David Fitzgerald currently running for the Republican nomination for the Arizona House of Representatives from LD 6 and he did in fact publicly lie to the Republican Precinct Committeemen and others at a candidates forum on July 26 at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant in regard to making a contribution to any Democrat candidate like Hillary Clinton in the past ten years.

In the interest of fair play, the Chairman of District 6, Larry Gorman, contacted David Fitzgerald to offer him an opportunity to respond, David Fitzgerald asked that the following statement be distributed.

"As a Republican candidate for House in LD6, I would like to make sure that PCs are able to contact me directly to answer any questions they might have. To all PCs (and all constituents!) in LD6, please feel free to contact me anytime on my cell phone at 480-688-8217"

A very interesting response, I wonder what his explanation will be, they always have an explanation. Maybe he can claim temporary insanity or he didn't understand the question.

David Fitzgerald is running on a slate with Lori Klein and Carl Seel.

Lori Klein, who claims to be pro-life, was discovered to have made a contribution to the pro-abortion WISH LIST and to have been convicted for drunk driving last year.

Carl Seel, who is running a publicly funded campaign, has just completed his first term in the Arizona House and submitted 46 bills, not one of which was passed into law. It was recently reported that he is being sued by a Pay-Day Loan company for writing them a bad check.

Amazingly, Klein, Seel and Fitzgerald have all been endorsed by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who claims to be America's toughest sheriff.

We have no word if Hillary Clinton will be endorsing the Klein, Seel, Fitzgerald slate.


  1. Why is Fitzgerald runing? He can't speak without triping over his own words.


  2. Big story tomorrow on Carl Seel. This may finish his political career once and for all! Stay Tuned!

  3. What story about Carl Seel...

  4. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for sending the link....NICE BLOG POST!!!! I'm so glad this story is being told!!!

    This will definitely help defeat the Klein/Seel/Fitzgerald triangle....thanks for all you're doing!


    John Adam Kowalski
    Candidate, State of Arizona House of Representatives, District 6
    (602) 319-3190

  5. Thank you for the information. I had a wonderful chat with Mr. Fitzgerald and I feel very strongly that he wasn't lying when he said that he hadn't sent a check to Hillary. He seemed genuinely frustrated by this issue and that he had clearly not meant any deception. He routinely made donations that business clients requested of him -- as a matter of fact, there was another gentleman, a realtor as well, who advertised that he would donate a percentage of the sale to the charity of your choice once he sold your home. He said he only became politically active recently because of Rand Paul in 2008 and sounds genuinely concerned about what's going on.

    So if you had any concerns about him, don't. I can't stand the thought of either Carl Seele or Lori Klein in office -- both of whom I believe are interested in only being in office for the sake of being in office -- but David Fitzgerald is genuinely passionate about making a difference for Arizona. He's the kind of person I want to see in office, someone who will actually work toward solutions.

    And no, if you have swampland that you're wanting to sell, I'm not interested. ;)

    Kind regards,

    Kind regards,

    Pat Flickner
    Candidate, State Senate, Legislative District 6


    And Pat what you said is complete NONSENSE! Here is the document that proves Fitzgerald gave $$$ to Hillary Clinton:

    David Fitzgerald III 2005 Donation to Hillary Clinton

  7. Thank you for the link. Very interesting. I planned on being at that meeting, but had to attend to business in Prescott Valley all week. Great web-site too.


  8. This is just another slim politician.