Monday, December 29, 2008

Napolitano's Sad Record on Abortion

With Janet Napolitano leaving for Washington to become Secretary of Homeland Security, Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer will become governor. This may be only a slight change in the first name of the governor, from Janet to Jan, but a big change in the use of the governor's veto and the legislation Jan may approve, that Janet vetoed.

Napolitano may have attempted to go down the center of the road on many issues, but there was one issue she would never compromise on, she was firmly pro-abortion. Napolitano even opposed such reasonable legislation as requiring a 24 hour waiting period before terminating the life of an unborn child, the mother may change her mind and decide not to kill her unborn child. In 2004 Napolitano vetoed legislation requiring a waiting period before an abortion and informing the mother of alternatives to abortion. Hopefully, a Governor Brewer will happily sign such reasonable legislation.

Legislation that Napolitano vetoed and that Brewer may sign include: in 2006; a bill that would have required doctors to inform mothers seeking an abortion after the fetus is 20 weeks old, that the child may experience pain during the termination of it's life. A bill that would have required a minor to have notarized parental consent to have an abortion. A bill that would have prohibited the use of public funding for the costs of abortion provided by health insurance plans. In 2008, Napolitano vetoed legislation increasing penalties for doctors who perform partial birth abortions.

Napolitano and her veto pen will be missed by the abortion industry in Arizona but I believe there will be in the future some yet unborn children that will be grateful she was replaced by a pro-life governor.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


The 2009 Arizona March and Rally for Life will be on Thursday, January 22. The march will start at 5 PM at Planned Parenthood, located at 1250 E. Apache Blvd. in Tempe.

A Pro-Life concert will follow at 6:15 PM at ASU's Hayden Lawn, featuring Justin Unger and at 7 PM, Feminists for Life speaker, Melissa Ohden will address the rally.

It was on January 22,1973 that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe v Wade that an unborn child is not a person and therefore has no rights under the Constitution. On every January 22 therefore, people across America commemorate the lives of the unborn cut short by abortion and support the first unalienable right, as expressed in our Declaration of Independence, the Right to Life.

It's very interesting that around January 22, pro-abortion, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, should be leaving for Washington and will be replaced by, Pro-Life, Jan Brewer, as Arizona governor. The Arizona Pro-Life movement should be able to look forward to the passage of some good legislation defending the sanctity of human life this legislative session, that will be signed into law by a wise governor.


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