Friday, January 30, 2009

GOP Strong as Steele

Michael S. Steele was elected today as the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Steele defeated the incumbent chairman Mike Duncan, who dropped out earlier today, and three other candidates after six rounds of voting. He received 91 votes out of 168 in the sixth round of voting, 85 votes by members of the national committee were needed to be elected.

In a brief acceptance speech the newly elected chairman said, "We're going to say to friend and foe alike: We want you to be part of us, we want you to be with us, and for those who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over."

After being Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, Steele was elected Maryland Lt. Governor in 2002. When U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes, a Democrat, decided to retire in 2006, Steele ran for the open senate seat, but the seat remained in the hands of the Democrats when Ben Cardin won the election with 55% to 44%. for Steele. Since his loss to Cardin, Steele has remained active in the party as Chairman of GOPAC, a national conservative group to help help elect Republicans at the state and local level.

Steele was born on October 19, 1958 at Andrews AFB in Maryland and raised in Washington D.C. After graduation in 1981 from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore with a degree in international relations he spent three years as a seminarian in the Order of St. Augustine in preparation for the priesthood, but he ultimately decided on a legal career instead and earned a degree in law from Georgetown University in 1991.

Active in the Maryland Republican Party as Prince George's County Chairman, in 1995 he was selected as Maryland State Republican Man of the Year. In 1996 he was an Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention in San Diego and in 2000 was a Delegate to the GOP National Convention in Philadelphia.

During a recent interview Steele said, "The core values of our party should not change, we are the conservative voice in America."

Speed Cameras - For Your Own Safety

Speed cameras - photo enforcement, whatever you want to call the technology, can be an important law enforcement tool, like mug shots and fingerprints, it helps detect crime.

When the debate was over Scottsdale's use of photo enforcement on the 101, I sided with Scottsdale's right to use speed cameras on a highway going through their city where there was a speeding problem. And yes, there was a serious problem with speeding on the northern part of the 101 in Scottsdale, I can remember driving around 70 MPH and having other vehicles blow my doors off. I also found that my average speed increased with the higher average traffic speed, which sometimes was over 75 MPH. This was a public safety issue that the City of Scottsdale had every right to act on with the use of speed cameras as a law enforcement tool and, as a believer local control of government, I found no justification for the state of Arizona or the legislature to interfere with traffic enforcement on a highway running through a municipality, even if the highway was paid for by the state of Arizona.

Scottsdale's case was the perfect case for the use of speed cameras as a law enforcement tool. The camera simple took a picture as evidence that you were violating the speed limit.

I still think I was right in defending a local government's right to use speed cameras to enforce the law in their community but I may have been on a slippery slop.

Former Governor Janet Napolitano, (gee that sounds good, former Governor), didn't see speed cameras as merely a tool to assist in traffic enforcement in problem areas, as it was used in Scottsdale. Napolitano saw speed cameras as a way to enhance revenue to the state of Arizona through speeding fines.

There is a big difference between the use of the speed camera for a public safety purpose and for a revenue purpose. It's similar, in some respect, to the government's use of armed police to protect it's citizens and the use of armed police to take a citizen's money.

We the people, give our elected representatives the right to make the law for our safety and the right to enforce the law on behalf of the people. Yes, by all means, stop that speeder who is recklessly endangering my life and the life of other drivers. If there was drag racing on the street on live on I would be on the phone to the police demanding enforcement, for my own safety. Napolitano however, was not using speed cameras and the power of the state on behalf of the people or, for their safety, she was using the power of the state to take money from the people, solely to increase revenue to the state. In a way, Napolitano used the speed camera and the power of the state to rob certain people of their money under the guise of being for, their own safety.

The way Napolitano used speed cameras in Arizona was an abuse of the power of government under the name of public safety. Maybe the government could set up a camera at my front door and restrict me from leaving my house during certain hours for, my own safety. Maybe the government could set up a camera in my home, for my own safety. And just maybe the government could put me in jail and take away all my rights, for my own safety. It would be much better for, my safety, and, the people's safety, however, if the government didn't use speed cameras to abuse it's law enforcement power to take money from the people in the name of public safety or, for my own safety.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gee, I Wish I Wrote This.

Sometimes we come across a post in another blog that is so good we say, "gee, I wish I wrote that" The ACR felt that the following post was so good that we asked permission of Sonoran Alliance to reproduce it on American Conservative Republican, which SA kindly did.

By the Sonoran Alliance

Winners and LosersPosted by AZ Insider under Campaigns & Elections , Political Parties[22] Comments

With the GOP Convention finally behind us, its time to take a look at the day’s winners and losers. Before the comments sections asks why Lisa James isn’t listed on either list, we would suggest that it is far too early to judge that. Like almost every campaign, things got a bit rough and Pullen fans might rate her poorly for that. Then again, she handled the outcome with class and James fans (as well as nice Pullen fans) would rate her highly for that. Put those two diverse groups together and you really haven’t settled anything. We suggest that it is the next 12 months that will determine how she is to be rated. If she disappears from the Arizona Republican Party in general, she would be doing poorly. If she followed up on her campaign pledges to get involved, raise money and help the Party win in 2010, she would be doing very well. She didn’t have to win her race to keep most of her promises, and we’re hoping that she does just that. Now, on to the fun stuff.


Kyl, Shadegg, Flake - If showing up is half the battle, then it was over before it began. On top of that, their candidate lost and staff members for one Congressman in particular were very active in the divisive nature of the race and the attacks on Pullen. How they imagine that will benefit their boss if and when he decides to run for higher office is a mystery. This is two conventions in a row that they have all ended up as a minority in their own party. When do you think the message will sink in?

Dean Martin - In some dramatic plays, the hero of the play is engaged in a fight with an enemy when the cowardly villain sneaks up behind him and stabs him with a long knife. Of course, the hero dies a lot in dramatic plays, so maybe that’s why Dean Martin thought it would work in real life. His speech shocked numerous conservatives who used to think well of him. We say used to, because this bridge was burned down by Martin’s flame-throwing attacks on Pullen. For whatever reason or reward, Martin agreed to take on the roll of attack dog, but came across as childish and petty. In terms Dean should understand, his investment was high-risk, low yield, and has cost him a very pretty penny.

Wake Up! Arizona - Okay, in fairness, it wasn’t just this weekend. These guys have blown millions and gotten their collective butts kicked since last year. The lobbyists, headliners, blogs, cheerleaders, and consultants associated with this effort find themselves wearing a Scarlet Letter within the Republican Party that may not go away for a long time, if ever.

Barry Goldwater Jr. - Want to hurt your reputation and damage your credibility? Spend a couple of days calling the Ron Paul State Committeemen to urge them to vote for Rudy Giuliani’s State Chairman. Sure, we’re quite sure they’ll fall for that, right Barry? From what the RPers were saying, it didn’t get James any votes, but it cost Goldwater more than a few.

Arizona Democrat Party - Janet’s gone, their state party is in disarray, and they’ve just elected a Pima County liberal whose first proclamation is that our taxes are too low.

Kevin DeMenna - The lobbyist bet big, at least with his mouth, against Pullen. After explaining the GOP wins in 2008 as a “blind squirrel tripping over an acorn now and again”, he has to deal with a Party Chairman who appears to be stocking up on acorns. Bad news Kevin, the squirrel can see, he’s hungry, and he’s looking for nuts. Got any?


Randy Pullen - Okay, that was an easy one. He won his race, and with a U.S. Senate seat and a Governor’s race in 2010, the Congressional delegation cannot afford to pout or withhold support from the State Party anymore. Pullen’s margin was larger than many expected, and he already has the support of most of the County and LD leaders, as well as members of the Legislature. He is in a much stronger position than he was in 2008. And rumor has it that he is the front-runner for the post of RNC Treasurer, which will be a real boon to the Arizona GOP as well.

Trent Franks - He did not take sides in the contest, making him the only House member in the delegation to properly gauge the pulse of the conservative grassroots of the party. His speech was also given very high marks by those in attendance. Plus, these meetings are rare and feature State Committeemen from all over Arizona, and Trent was the only member of the entire delegation who cared enough to show up.

Jan Brewer - Great speech, and she is finally holding Napolitano responsible for the mess that was made over the last six years. The people of Arizona deserve the truth about that and the Arizona GOP will be stronger when people learn that it was our members who were fighting against Janet’s insane budgets.

Brett Mecum - He’s only thirty years old and he’s already the Executive Director of a red-state Republican Party. No, its not the first time its ever happened, but folks in both the Pullen and James camp seemed to have good things to say about this guy and if you can manage to pull that off, during a heated campaign? Well then, you must have some pretty good political skills.

Rob Haney - Up from the ashes, he lost in LD11 only to win higher office as County Chairman of the fourth largest county in the country. Then, his backed candidate won re-election as State Chairman. And the amnesty folks thought Haney was a problem to them before?

Rural GOP Counties - Pullen swept a number of rural counties, from Mohave in the North to Pinal and Cochise in the South. It is likely a result of their seeing Pullen quite a bit more over the last two years than their own Congressional delegation, so its fair to say that Pullen earned it. Still, they were the margin of victory for Pullen and he would be well served to remember that.

J.D. Hayworth - The worse Jeff Flake and his staff did, the better it was for whoever ends up in the primary for Arizona’s next U.S. Senate seat. We’re sure Flake & Company had their reasons for antagonizing the party’s conservative base, but we can’t figure out what it is. The end result is the same though. A louder call for a reliable, conservative alternative, who will listen to the Party. You hear us J.D.? We know you do.

The Arizona Republican Party - Of course, we couldn’t finish without stating the obvious. The theme over the weekend was “unity”, even if not all of the various players were acting that way. Still, the sense among the Committeemen was that unity would prevail when the contest was over and, judging from the numbers of people wearing James stickers that stayed around to wish Randy well, their sense might just be right. Add to that a new Republican governor and an Arizona Democrat Party in disarray, and things are very good indeed for the AZGOP.

Monday, January 26, 2009

ACORN To Get Your Taxdollars

U.S. House GOP Leader John Boener (R-OH) has reported that left-wing groups like ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), could be eligible for billions of taxpayer dollars from the Democrats' trillion dollar spending plan. ACORN is reportedly under federal investigation and has been accused of perpetrating voter registration fraud on numerous occasions.

In a news statement Boehner asks, "What does this have to do with job creation? Are Congressional Democrats really going to borrow money from our children and grandchildren to give handouts to ACORN in the name of economic stimulus?"

The Democrats spending bill would make $4.19 billion available to groups like ACORN for "neighborhood stabilization activities." Funds for neighborhood stabilization were authorized in the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, signed into law in 2008. Those funds, however, were limited to state and local government entities. House Majority Democrats are now making those funds available to groups like ACORN.

Included in the House Democrats' spending bill is $1 billion for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. CDBG funds are given to state and local governments which can contract with non-profits for services related to the grant and ACORN knows how to secure CDBG funding. From FY 2003 to FY 2007, ACORN spent $1,588,599 in CDBG funds according to audit reports filed by ACORN with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Boehner released a study of federal records in October of 2008 that listed tens of millions in federal grants to ACORN. A new updated and expansive study reveals that ACORN actually received millions more then first reported. A review of the "Federal Register" and news releases by federal agencies reveal that ACORN was awarded more then $53 million in federal funds, this does not reflect the millions more ACORN received in federal funds passed to them by state and local government agencies.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Political Mercenary for Hire

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen was re-elected yesterday at the parties Statutory Meeting held at Camelback H.S. in Phoenix. The election was a repeat of 2007 but not as close. Pullen's opponent, political consultant Lisa James, lost by only four votes two years ago. The vote, as I recorded it when announced was Pullen 521, James 475, other final numbers are going around, up or down one or two points either way, but it was clear that Pullen won.

It wasn't just Randy Pullen that won yesterday, it was a great victory for the grassroots of the GOP, which Pullen clearly represented or maybe it would be more accurate to say that James clearly represented the special moneyed interest who hire lobbyist and consultants like her, in this particularly case, the Wake Up Arizona Coalition, which was formed to oppose enforcement of Arizona employer sanctions law against knowingly hiring undocumented workers, which James' husband, Gordon James, is a member.

There are many different characters and types in politics, one type is the mercenary. A mercenary is someone who serves merely for wages, they really have no loyalty except to themselves and the almighty dollar. Of course they would never call themselves mercenaries, they use titles such as lobbyist, political or public relations consultant, government affairs consultant and, some are even politicians, they work for who pays them. This is not to say that everyone with one of those titles is a mercenary, there are some very principled people in politics and some make a living as consultants and even as elected officials. As politics as become more and more like a business however, more and more of the participants are really just mercenaries.

Lisa James is a mercenary, she makes her living as a hired gun, she works for who pays her. If you go to the Arizona Secretary of State's web site, at and search campaign finance, contributors, and go as far back as the web site allows, 1998, you will find that Lisa James has never given a penny to the AZ GOP or any candidate, not in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, or 2008. She listed running the 2006 AZGOP Victory Program, for which she was paid $100, 000, as a qualification for her as state chairman, but still she wont contribute a single penny to any political candidate or party. Randy Pullen on the other hand has a long history of voluntary political work, for which he was never paid and, making political contributions.

There is another word that political mercenaries use to describe themselves, and that is as professionals and, those of us that are not in it for the money they refer to in a condescending manner as volunteers. Some of the people who are in it for the money I sometimes refer to as the hired help.

Yesterday the grassroots volunteers won and the Arizona GOP didn't slip into the hands of the mercenaries and those that pay them. The Arizona Republican Party still represents the average citizen and not the big money special interest and control of the Republican Party in Arizona is still from the bottom up under the leadership of principled people like Randy Pullen and not from the top down under the control of mercenaries like Lisa James.

Correction- see comments

Friday, January 23, 2009

Point One Against Obama Re-Election

I promised myself I would wait about 100 days before criticizing our new president, I think every president deserves a honeymoon period. Three days into his presidency and one day after the 36 year anniversary of Roe v Wade, the AP has reported that, "President Barack Obama has signed an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option."

Last night I attended a Right to Life rally at ASU. I was speaking with a women about the fact that Obama is pro-abortion and the Congress is in the hands of the Democrats. I came to the conclusion that maybe the best thing to do was to pray that Obama changed his position on abortion. Maybe we should have gotten down on our knees right there and then.

One would think that a president who's ancestry represented the third world as much as Obama would not be in such a rush to kill off their unborn children.

During the campaign, Obama said he would support programs to reduce abortions.

Put toady's action by President Obama down as point number one against his being re-elected, no respect for the lives of the children of the third world.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In a American Conservative Republican post on Sunday, January 18, 2009, titled "AZ GOP Statutory Meeting," the ACR made it seem as if the Arizona Right To Life Pac had endorsed both Randy Pullen and Lisa James for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. After a careful read of the statement released by the Arizona Right To Life PAC, ACR apparently made an assumption about endorsements that was not stated. Our apology and our thanks to the reader that pointed this out.

The statement from Arizona Right to Life PAC said, "The Arizona Right to Life PAC has reviewed the candidate questionnaires for both Chairman Pullen, and his opponent, Lisa James. Both candidates' responses were found to be in-line with the pro-life legislation and pro-life agenda of Arizona Right to Life PAC. Seeing no discernible difference among the two candidates, based on the questionnaires alone, the Arizona Right to Life PAC has decided that both candidates would carry the pro-life cause with them to the Chairmanship of the Arizona Republican Party." Obviously the RTL-PAC statement makes no mention of any endorsements.

Please feel free to contact us if you discover a mistake, we're not perfect but we try to be accurate.

Thank you,


News You Can Use

Are you tired of those pesky calls trying to get you to re-finance your home or giving you a better deal on auto insurance? Yes, then here is some information a friend sent me to put a stop to those calls.

Remember the "No Call List." The Federal Trade Commission has established the National Do Not Call Registry, to have your phone number, especially your cell phone number, registered, call 1-888-382-1222, it's free.

Carter Snubs Clinton's

The New York Post, in a short article today, claims that there is a rift between former President Jimmy Carter and the Clinton's.

The article by Carl Campanile says that, "Carter was caught on video snubbing Bill and Hillary Clinton while they shared space in the crypt of the Capitol building just before Obama's inaugural."

The article further says that, "While giving Clinton the cold shoulder, Carter was seen warmly greeting former GOP President George H.W. Bush."

Why would a former liberal Democrat President snub another former liberal democrat President ? Could it be because thou Carter is considered to have been a very weak and ineffective president, at-least he and now both former Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush, didn't disgrace the office as Bill Clinton did with "that" women, Monica Lowinsky and lie to the American people.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lisa James endorsed by Kyl

Senator Jon Kyl has endorsed public relations consultant Lisa James for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

Lisa James lost to Randy Pullen for chairman in 2007 by four votes.

In a press release issued by Gordon C. James Public Relations, Kyl is reported as issuing the following statement: "I support Lisa James for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party because she will provide the leadership to increase Republican voter registration, raise funds, recruit candidates and execute a successful get out the vote effort."


Jon Kyl's support can only help Lisa James, who has a paucity of significant endorsements, but it may further polarize a party already seriously divided over the issue of illegal immigration and sanctions against employers that illegally hire undocumented workers.

What is not being reported by the mainstream media is that Lisa James' husband, Gordon C. James, is a member of Mac Magruder's, Wake Up Arizona Coalition, which has backed legal action to block the Arizona Fair and Legal Employment Act and who have vowed to defeat any candidate or legislator who supports sanctions employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen, who defeated Lisa James for Chairman in 2007, has long supported immigration enforcement and chaired the successful 2004 ballot initiative, Prop 200, which requires proof of citizenship before an individual may register to vote or apply for public benefits by the state of Arizona.

Pullen also help defeat the 2008 initiative backed by the Wake Up Arizona Coalition, Prop. 202, which would have gutted the Arizona employer sanctions law by making it impossible to enforce.

As state party chairman, Pullen helped make it the official policy of the Republican National Committee that America first secures it's border before pursuing other legislation related to immigration, such as guest worker schemes.

As a Republican president and the party have been experiencing the lowest approval ratings since Watergate, the Arizona GOP, under Pullen's leadership, has increased it's majorities in both the Arizona House and Senate and increased the number of elected Republican Precinct Committeemen statewide from 2,700 to over 3,000.

It's not Pullen's accomplishments as state chairman that matters to those opposed to him however, it's his support for immigration control and specifically his support for employer sanctions for knowingly hiring undocumented workers.

Randy Pullen has done a very good job as state party chairman under some of the worst conditions, including opposition from Arizona's Republican Congressional delegation. He is one of the best state chairman the Arizona GOP has had in a long time and he is popular with the grassroots of the party

Not only does Randy Pullen deserve re-election as state party chairman, he deserves re-election without opposition from our out of touch Congressional delegation, including Jon Kyl.

The Arizona Conservative Republican does not approve of Senator Kyl's decision to endorse Lisa James and further divide the Arizona Republican Party.

Let the greedy business people of the Wake Up Arizona Coalition know that the Arizona Republican party can't be bought with party donations and will not be pressured to support a wrong headed policy that puts profit before country and politics before principle and takes control of the party from the grassroots, keep our chairman as chairman, re-elect Randy Pullen.

Wake Up Arizona Coalition Members:
• Mac Magruder, owns McDonald’s franchises• Ray Arvizu, owns Arvizu Advertising & Promotions, a Hispanic marketing firm• Tom Barnett, owns Good Egg and Eggery restaurants and Burger King franchises• Steve Chucri, president, Arizona Restaurant Association• Jim Click, Tucson car dealer• Jerry Colangelo, former owner, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks• Brian Day O’Connor, owns a commercial real estate firm and a carwash; son of former U.S. Supreme Court justice• Nicole Dreier, representing Burger King franchises• Barry Goldwater Jr., son of former U.S. senator• Danny Hendon, owns Danny’s Family Car Washes• Steve Hilton, chief executive, Meritage Homes• GORDON JAMES, husband of LISA JAMES, owns public relations firm• James LeVecke, owns Carl’s Jr. franchises• Jeff Moorad, general manager, Arizona Diamondbacks• Mary Rose Wilcox, Maricopa County supervisor, owner El Portal restaurant.


In his next to last day in office, President George W. Bush has commuted the prison sentences of former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Border control advocates have been loudly calling on President Bush to pardon Ramos and Compean for some time, claiming that their sentences of 11 and 12 years respectively were a miscarriage of justice.

The former agents were convicted of shooting Osvaldo Aldrete, a drug smuggler, in the butt in 2005. as he fled across the border at the Rio Grande, after abandoning a vehicle loaded with marijuana. The agents claimed that they believed Aldrete was armed and that they had to fire in self-defense. Aldrete received only minor injuries from the shooting and was given full immunity from prosecution by the government for testimony against Ramos and Compean.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

AZ GOP Statutory Meeting

The Arizona Republican Party will be holding it's Statutory meeting on Saturday, January 24 at Camelback H. S. in Phoenix. Officers to be elected at the meeting by Republican State Committeemen are, Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and, Assistant Sergeant at Arms, along with three Members at large from each of Arizona's eight congressional districts.

With the exception of the chairman's position, only one candidate each has expressed an interest in the positions on the state executive committee, they are: for First Vice Chairman, Augustus Shaw IV of Maricopa County; for Secretary, Linda White of Pima County; for Treasurer, Timothy Lee of Pinal County; for Assistant Treasurer, Larry Pickard of Maricopa County and; for Assistant Sergeant at Arms, Buster Johnson of Mohave County. Further nominations for any position may be accepted from the floor at the meeting.

The only position that has two candidates is that of the Arizona Republican Party Chairman. Incumbent Chairman Randy Pullen is being challenged for re-election by political consultant Lisa James, both are from Maricopa County.

Lisa James started her political career working for the Illinois Legislature. In 1988 she was a volunteer for Jack Kemp for President and in 1992 worked on the Bush/Quayle campaign. Many people know Lisa from her work as Arizona director of the Bush/Cheney Arizona Victory 2000 effort.

In 2004 she was chairman of "No Taxpayer Dollars for Politicians," ballot initiative and the Arizona executive director for Bush-Cheney '04. Lisa served as the director of the Arizona Republican Party Victory 2006 campaign and in 2008 she chaired the Giuliani for President campaign in Arizona.

Two years ago Lisa ran for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and lost to Randy Pullen by four votes.

Lisa James is married to Gordon James and works together with him at Gordon C. James Public Relations. Gordon James is one of the original members of the "Wake Up Arizona Coalition," a group of business people, led by McDonald's franchise owner Mac Magruder, which includes Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox. The Wake Up Arizona Coalition was organized in response to the passage of the Arizona Fair and Legal Employment Act, which provides sanctions against employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers. This group has backed court action to overturn the law and were defeated and they have vowed to defeat any candidate or legislator who supports sanctions against employers hiring undocumented workers. The laws author, Arizona Senator Russell Pearce, who is a Pullen supporter, told Howard Fisher of the Capitol Media Services that, "These are folks who simply don't want the law enforced," and that the law protects companies that hire only legal U.S. residents from unfair competition and that Magruder and his coalition, "wanted employer amnesty."

Randy Pullen began his career as a high school math teacher and junior college computer programming instructor and later went on to get an MBA in Finance from ASU and worked as an accountant and consultant with Deloitte & Touche, where he became a partner in 1988. Randy is the founder and chairman of Wage Watch, Inc

Pullen was a candidate for Mayor of Phoenix in 1999 and 2003 and campaigned on a platform of fighting crime, reducing city spending and reforming the City of Phoenix immigration policies. He was the Republican National Committeemen from Arizona from 2004 until his election as Arizona Republican Party Chairman in 2007.

Randy has a solid history of opposition to illegal immigration, he was chairman of the 2004 landmark ballot initiative, "Yes on Proposition 200, Protect Arizona Now," which required proof of citizenship before any individual could register to vote or apply for public benefits in Arizona. Despite heavy opposition, voters approved Prop. 200.

Both Lisa James and Randy Pullen have web sites listing their supporters, Lisa at and Randy at

Randy, who is popular with the parties grassroots, has limited his list of supporters to current members of the Arizona Legislature and current state party officers. Among those endorsing Randy Pullen are: Arizona Senators; Thayer Vershor, Sylvia Allen, Ron Gould, Linda Gray, Jack Harper, Barbara Leff, Al Melvin and Russell Pearce along with Arizona House of Representatives members; Frank Antenori, Cecil Ash, Andy Biggs, Tom Boone, Judy Burges, Steve Court, Sam Crump, Doris Goodale, David Gowan, Nancy McLain, Steve Montenegro, Frank Pratt, Doug Quelland, Carl Seel, David Stevens and, Jerry Weiers. State party officers endorsing Randy Pullen for party chair include; First Vice Chairman Larry Pickard, Second Vice Chairman Bill Bridwell, Third Vice Chairman Parralee Schneider, Party Secretary Linda White, Party Treasurer Timothy Lee, Republican National Committeemen Bruce Ash and, Assistant Party Secretary Marne Haney.

Lisa James seems to have listed all her supporters along with their spouses in some cases. Among those supporting Lisa James are: Arizona Senator Steve Pierce; Arizona House members; Nancy Barto, Rich Crandall, Laurin Hendrix, Bill Konopnicki, Lucy Mason, John McComish, Andy Tobin and, Michele Reagan who was endorsed by Planned Parenthood for the Arizona House. Former legislators endorsing Lisa James include; former Arizona Senate President Tim Bee, former Representatives Cheryl Chase, Laura Knaperek and Barry Wong. Other notables endorsing Lisa James are: former Maricopa County School Superintendent, Dr. Sandra Dowling, Wake Up Arizona Coalition member Barry Goldwater Jr., Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman, Justice of the Peace and former legislator Clancy Jayne, Arizona Chamber of Commerce President and employer sanctions opponent Glenn Hamer.

It has been reported that Arizona Right to Life has reviewed questionnaires completed by both Lisa James and Randy Pullen and found that both candidate's answer's were in-line with the agenda of Arizona Right to Life PAC.


There is a fight in the Republican Party between those who want the party to be controlled from the top down and those that believes it should be controlled from the grassroots up. Every American political party must be controlled from the grassroots up if it is to represent the interest of the average citizen. Corporations and military units may be controlled from the top down because those at the top have the authority to set policy and to remove or court martial those in the organization who do not comply with upper management, political parties have no such control over their members, not in this country.

For a political party to win election, it must be a bridge between the elected officials in government and the people, the grassroots of the party is the foundation of that bridge, they know the concerns of the people first hand, those in Washington or even at a state capitol may become distant from the average voter and overly influenced by lobbyist and other representatives of special interest who are only concerned with their own best interest and not those of the average voter.

This attempt to control the Republican Party by the Washington establishment has caused a serious divide in the party over the issue of illegal immigration. As the people and the grassroots of the party was demanding that illegal immigration be controlled, the Washington establishment of the party, called for a guest worker program and giving those in the country illegally an opportunity to become citizens, in effect, solve the problem of too many illegal immigrants by making them legal immigrants.

The establishment Republicans forgot that the GOP was not a corporation but is an American political party of free citizens who cannot be told what position to take on any issue. The grassroots of the GOP reflected the views of the vast majority of Americans, that illegal immigration was out of control, and demanded a secure border and enforcement of our immigration laws, but the establishment, country club Republicans weren't listening to the grassroots, they were listening to the demands of the business community to continue the supply of cheap immigrant labor. The top of the party, which sided with the business community, tried to force it's position on the grassroots of the party, who pushed back and demanded illegal immigration control.

This fight for control has divided the party and continues to this day. One side must win and the other acquiesce, if the Republican party is to continue as one of the two major American political parties. If the party establishment wins this fight for control, the grassroots will abandon the GOP and the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs. As Republicans we cannot allow that to happen.

At the Arizona Republican Party Statutory meeting on January 24, 2009, it is obvious who represents the grassroots of the party and who represents the party establishment. The American Conservative Republican sides with the American people and the grassroots of the GOP and therefore wholeheartedly does hereby endorse retaining Randy Pullen as the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Computer Crime and Punishment

If you have been wondering why The American Conservative Republican hasn't published anything since December 29, the reason is spy-ware. If you don't know what spy-ware is, it's something you hope your political opponent gets about two weeks before election day. This was the first time I was a victim of spy-ware, and I do mean victim. I'm almost certain that it's a crime, but who do I report it to? Can I call the Phoenix Police Dept and say, "HELP, send a police officer, I'm under spy-ware attack by somebody from somewhere on the planet Earth." Who are the spy-ware police? Who does a victim of spy-ware and other computer crimes make a report with, AOL ? Because some criminal armed with a computer, most likely in a foreign country, decides to send an advertisement that blocks my computer screen and won't go away unless I pay, my computer was down for almost two weeks and I had to pay out around $300 in repair costs. Who are these criminals? They victimize thousands, or maybe, millions of people daily, and no-one knows who they are. What would happen to these creeps if we were able to apprehend them? Would they get a fine and maybe some time, I don't know.

I'm opposed to cruel and unusual punishment, but I think I will contact my legislators and ask them to pass some computer crime laws with the punishment being that the perpetrator be cut into a thousand pieces and feed to the fish. OK, I'm still a little upset over being victimized by some low life and maybe cutting someone into a thousand pieces is extreme, maybe a first offender can get off with a simple lethal injection.

BULLITIN / U.S. Airways plan lands safely in Hudson R.


A Tempe based U.S. Airways passenger airliner, flight 1549, has made an emergency landing in the Hudson river in New York City. News reports say all 150 aboard are safe.

It is reported that the airplane ran into a flock of birds on takeoff that disabled both engines, forcing the pilot to ditch into New York's Hudson River. Boats on the river immediately came to the rescue of the aircrafts passengers and crew.