Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gun Owners of America Blast McCain - Endorse Hayworth

The Gun Owners of America Political Victory fund put out a statement that not only endorsed former Congressman and radio personality J.D. Hayworth for the U.S. Senate, it eviscerated the incumbent senator and 2008 GOP presidential nominee, John McCain.

The pro-Second Amendment, Gun Owners of America (GOA), called the McCain-Feingold law McCain's crowning legislative achievement, pointing out that the law put the muzzle on the First Amendment rights of groups like GOA.

In their statement the GOA says, "McCain's bill prohibited the most important form of speech the Founding Fathers meant to protect with the First Amendment - political speech."

The group claims that McCain may have started out as a "pro-gun legislator," but has become a "gun control maverick."

The GOA statement points out that in 2000 McCain became the spokesman for a gun control group called Americans for Gun Safety, that advocated licensing and registering all gun owners and ran radio and TV ads with McCain in Colorado and Oregon.

In their statement the GOA says, "John McCain may pretend to be pro-gun (especially in election years) but he has plunged his dagger deep into the back of gun rights supporters."

In their endorsement of J.D. Hayworth, GOA points out that Hayworth has consistently supported the Second Amendment and that is "just the type of leadership gun owners in Arizona will vote for in November."

The full statement from GOA follows.


Arizona - -( John McCain has gone out of his way to earn the ire of conservatives and gun owners in his 20-plus years as a U.S. Senator from Arizona.

Perhaps his crowning legislative achievement was so-called campaign finance reform, or the McCain-Feingold law. This law put the muzzle on organizations such as GOA, prohibiting any broadcast advertisements within 30 days of a primary election and 60 days of a general election that even mention the name of a candidate for federal office.

Not surprisingly, there is frequently a flurry of activity in Congress in the months right before an election, as politicians try to ram bills through at the end of a session. Forbidding criticism of sitting legislators during these crucial times (although media corporations were exempt) made McCain’s bill the perfect “Incumbent Protection” act.

McCain’s bill prohibited the most important form of speech the Founding Fathers meant to protect with the First Amendment — political speech — so it was welcome news when the Supreme Court recently repudiated much of the McCain bill as an assault on liberty.
But it should not come as a surprise that McCain does not want voters hear about what he’s up to in Washington, because the same person who holds the First Amendment in contempt would also like to run the Second Amendment through a shredder.

John McCain may have begun as a pro-gun legislator, but when he decided to become a gun control “maverick,” he went all out.

Since his conversion to a gun control advocate over the last ten years, McCain has favored a ban on small and inexpensive handguns and considered a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms (so-called assault weapons).

In what was his boldest move against American gun owners, however, McCain authored a bill to that could only have been designed to close down gun shows. In addition to regulating all private sales at gun shows, his bill would have placed onerous licensing requirements on gun show promoters and would essentially have registered the millions of people who attend gun shows. Under the burdens of the McCain bill, no promoter in the country would put on a gun show and, if they did, gun owners would likely not attend.

Thanks to McCain, the inaccurate and misleading phrase “gun show loophole” became a part of the anti-Second Amendment crowd’s lexicon.

The truth is, there is no gun show loophole; firearms transactions are conducted the same inside a gun show as they are anyplace else.

In 2000, McCain became a spokesman for a gun control organization (now defunct) called Americans for Gun Safety, a group that advocated licensing and registering all gun owners. The group ran radio and TV ads with McCain supporting ballot initiatives in Colorado and Oregon that would impose McCain’s favorite restrictions on gun shows.

These ads were a way for McCain to “stick it” to gun owners, after a gun show bill stalled in the Congress.

“I think that if the Congress won’t act, the least I can do is support the initiative in states where it’s on the ballot,” McCain said in an interview.

In 2001, the group ran advertisements in movie theaters featuring McCain urging people to keep their guns locked up “for the sake of the children.” In the ads, he greatly exaggerated the risks of children gaining access to firearms in the home, and at the same time completely ignored the danger of having guns locked away if they are needed to thwart a criminal attack.

After the 2001 terror attacks, when Gun Owners of America and tens of thousands of commercial airline pilots were pushing legislation to arm pilots as a defense against terrorism, McCain prepared an amendment that would have replaced “firearms” with “stun guns.” GOA pointed out at the time how stun guns would not be effective against the type of attacks that could occur in a cockpit.

John McCain may pretend to be pro-gun (especially in election years) but he has plunged his dagger deep into the backs of gun rights supporters. He may fancy himself as a “maverick” in shining armor, riding to rescue the American people, but all the while he has trampled the Bill of Rights underfoot.

Thankfully, this year gun owners have a choice. Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who was “A” rated by Gun Owners of America in his twelve years in the House of Representatives, is challenging McCain in the 2010 Republican primary.

J.D. respects the Constitution and understands that the Second Amendment was put there by the Founding Fathers to always ensure that the people would have the means to preserve their liberty.

During his time in the Congress, J.D. Hayworth did not vote one way in election years and another way when in nonelection years. J.D. consistently supported the Second Amendment, and that is just the type of leadership gun owners in Arizona will vote for in November.

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse J.D. Hayworth for U.S. Senate and urges gun owners and sportsmen from across America to help defeat anti-gunner McCain.

Please visit J.D. on the web at to make the most generous contribution possible. Working together, we can win this fight and gain a Second Amendment ally in the U.S. Senate.

Tim MacyVice Chairman
Gun Owners of America8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time for McCain to Retire and go Fishing

By Bob Haran;

Interesting article in today's Arizona Republic by Dan Nowicki.

Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee for president in 2008 and four term senator from Arizona, claims that he was "misled" into supporting the massive bailout of the financial system known as Troubled Asset Relief Program, (TARP).

McCain, who is being challenged for the 2010 GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate by Jim Deakin and J.D. Hayworth, said that he was misled by then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that the $700 Billion bailout would focus on what was seen as the cause of the financial crisis, the housing meltdown.

At a meeting with The Republic's Editorial Board, McCain said "obviously, that didn't happen,"

McCain claims that President George W. Bush called him off the campaign trail, saying a worldwide economic catastrophe was imminent and that he needed his help. On Sept 24, 2008, McCain temporarily suspended his campaign for president to confront the economic crisis.

Henry Paulson in his book, "On the Brink," in regard to McCain's response to the crisis claims that, "when it came right down to it, McCain had little to say in the forum he himself had called." Paulson called McCain's decision to return to Washington without a plan, "impulsive and risky," even, "dangerous."

The entire article can be linked at

I'm no fan of John McCain but I would expect something more from a former Naval officer then passing the buck by claiming that he was, "misled." Spending $700 billion of the people's money is no small decision and something that a four term U.S. Senator and candidate for president should not take lightly or allow himself to be, "misled."

McCain is known for moving from one side of an issue to another, as the political situation requires. Pander to the right to win conservative support, pander to the left to get liberal support. It has been said that the most dangerous place to be in Washington D.C. is between John McCain and a TV camera. This is a decision McCain spun into an image of the hero rushing to rescue the world's economy, to now claim that he was misled is to say the least, very disturbing. I would rather have a senator who would take responsibility for his decisions and either defend his actions or admit that he made a mistake.

Public office should be about doing the best of your ability to do what is in the people's best interest, not doing whatever it takes to get elected. Leadership is putting the greater good before your own self interest. Character is taking responsibility for your own actions.

If John McCain is going to pass the buck on one of the most important decisions he made in public office, then he has not the character nor the leadership to serve in public office and it is time for him to retire and go fishing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

AZ SEN Candidate DUI confirmed.

By Bob Haran,
American Conservative Republican

A rumor that Arizona Senate hopeful Lori Klein of LD 6 had a DUI arrest has been circulating in political circles for the past couple of weeks but not confirmed and therefore not published by the American Conservative Republican (ACR) until now.

Last week an anonymous comment to ACR claimed, "Klein has a DUI," the following link was also provided,

This link is for Maricopa County, Justice Court Case History and included the names of 9 parties named Lori Klein. Of the 9 parties named Lori Klein, two had a date of birth in 1970, five had DOB: N/A, and two had the exact DOB as the Lori Klein who was nominated by Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin and endorsed by CD 3 congressional candidate Sam Crump and LD 6 Representative Carl Seel to fill the vacancy in the Arizona Senate caused by the resignation of Pam Gorman, who is also a candidate for congress from CD 3.

The information that was available via the internet did not include the specific charges or the disposition of the case, but it did provide the case number, case type and which justice court adjudicated the case. One case was classified "Criminal Traffic" and the other as "Civil Traffic." I decided to investigate the Criminal Traffic, adjudicated at Dreamy Drew Justice Court, Case Number TR2008-162210.

After obtaining a copy of the court records for case number TR2008-162210, In the Matter of State of Arizona V. Lori Agnes Klein, it was verified that Ms. Klein was arrested on 10/02/2008 and charged with violating: ARS 28-701.02A3, (EXCEED 85 MPH); ARS 28-1381A1, (DUI-LIQUOR/DRUGS/VAPORS/COMBO); ARS 28-1381A2, (DUI W/BAC OF .08 OR MORE). Court records indicate that the first two charges against Ms. Klein, who was represented by former Arizona Representative David Burnell Smith, were dismissed but a plea of guilty was entered for the last charge of DUI W/BAC OF .08 OR MORE.

Court records indicate that Ms. Klein was sentenced to: 3 years probation; 1 day in jail, which was served in the Town of Paradise Valley Jail on 8/17/09; Alcohol Education, which was completed on 10/28/2009 with DUI Education, Treatment & Counseling with Court Support Services; Ignition Interlock Device per MVD order and; Penalty Fees totaling $1,460.00, which was paid on 8/10/2009.

Klein was one of the three individuals, along with Dave Braswell and myself, nominated by the Legislative District 6 Republican Committee on February 1st to fill the vacancy in the Arizona Senate caused by Gorman's resignation. Braswell was selected by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors as Gorman's replacement.

Prior to her being nominated with the strong support of Sam Crump, Representative Carl Seel, and Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin, who is a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor, it was discovered that Ms. Klein had contributed money to the pro-abortion WISH list.

Klein, who is not a precinct committeemen, has indicated that she will be a candidate for the Republican nomination for the Arizona Senate in 2010 from LD 6.

Senator Dave Braswell has indicated that he will also run for a full term in 2010 and newly appointed Representative Amanda Reeve along with LD 6 Precinct Committeemen Steve Kaiser, who were both nominated by the LD 6 precinct committeemen to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. Crump's resignation from the Arizona House, have indicated that they will be running for the two Arizona House seats from District 6 in 2010.

Why Martin, Crump, Seel and others are supporting Klein is unclear.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Another DEM Bits the Dust: Sen. Bayh not seeking re-election

From the Associated Press;
INDIANAPOLIS - Media reports say that Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana has decided to not seek re-election.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Bayh is attributing his decision to excessive partisanship that makes progress on public policy difficult to achieve as the motivation for his decision.
Bayh scheduled a Monday afternoon news conference in Indianapolis. The Associated Press left messages seeking comment at his Senate office and for state Democratic chairman Dan Parker, whois Bayh's campaign manager.

Friday, February 12, 2010


The Arizona Republic has reported that Governor Jan Brewer's first chief of staff, Kevin Tyne, who has been an aide to her since she was a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, is back on board. Yesterday, Tyne was named director of the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures. Less then four months ago, Tyne resigned as Brewer's chief of staff to become an advisor with the Republican Governors Association.

Monday, February 8, 2010


By Bob Haran;

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors met this morning in an informal meeting and selected Republican Legislative District 6 Committee Chairman Dave Braswell to fill the vacancy in the Arizona Senate from District 6 caused by the resignation of Pam Gorman, who is running for Congress to fill the open seat caused by the incumbent Congressmen John Shadegg's announcement that he will not run in 2010.

At a special election held by the LD 6 GOP Committee on February 1, Braswell was the first of three to be nominated by the elected Republican Precinct Committeemen of the District. Of the three candidates running for the nomination, Braswell, myself and Lori Klein, Braswell was the only candidate nominated on the first ballot with 64% of the total vote, ( 50% plus one was necessary for nomination ).

On the second ballot, I beat out Klein with 65.6% of the total vote to Klein's 59.6%, both myself and Klein were therefore also nominated. Braswell, having been nominated on the first ballot was not a candidate on the second.

As a now former opponent to Braswell for the appointment, I have no regrets and believe that both the Committeemen form District 6 and the Board of Supervisors made a good selection. Dave Braswell is a good man and should make a fine Arizona Senator. I may have told people too many times that I would have no problem with Dave Braswell as my senator and that is exactly what I got.

I wish Dave success in his new position.

Klein was being backed by candidate for governor and Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin, who preceded Gorman as the LD 6 state senator, Sam Crump, who resigned on February 1 from the Arizona House to run for the U.S. House and LD 6 Representative Carl Seel.

Klein ran into some major problems in her quest for the senate appointment. The first problem was that not being a Republican Precinct Committeemen in LD 6 and having never run for office before, she was unknown by the District 6 Committee. In addition, having never attended a district meeting or making her intentions known, until the last moment, she came on the scene late and was considered an outsider by many of the rank and file.

She may have faced an even more challenging problem for a Republican when it was discovered by this writer that she had contributed to the pro-abortion Wish List, thou she claims to be pro-life.

The last I heard from Braswell and Klein, they both intend to be candidates for the Republican Nomination for the Arizona Senate from LD 6 in the 2010 primary.

I do not plan on running for the senate in 2010.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


4201 West Union Hills Dr. # 3071, Phoenix, AZ 85308

Feb 3, 2010
contact Bob Haran;
602-442-6806, cell 602-696-3281


Many people have called me thinking that I have removed my name from consideration for appointment to the Arizona Senate to fill the vacancy caused by Pam Gorman's resignation, I have not.

Today, I want to make it perfectly clear, I have not withdrawn my name from consideration for appointment to the Arizona Senate and out of respect to the precinct committeeman who voted for my nomination, I would respectfully ask the Board of Supervisors to appoint me to the Arizona Senate.
Since I released a statement on Tuesday regarding the vacancy from District 6 caused by the resignation of Pam Gorman, I have been overwhelmed with an outpouring of support and phone calls from the Precinct Committeemen who voted to nominate me for the Arizona Senate. Between the ballots that were cast that evening, I received just short of two-thirds, 65.6% of the vote of the Precinct Committeemen from District 6. As a former District Chairman, it is clear to me that the majority of the Precinct Committeemen support my nomination. I recognize that I have a responsibility to the precinct committeemen who voted for me and the Republicans they represent.
I am honored by the faith the district has in my abilities and would be honored to serve as their next State Senator.

January 26, Announcement of Candidacy

Bob Haran 58, of Phoenix; Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran, Conservative Republican activist, and one of the original members of the Minuteman Project in 2005, has announced that he will be a candidate for appointment to the Arizona Senate fill the vacancy caused by Sen. Pamela Gorman's resignation in the North Valley Legislative District 6.

Bob Haran enlisted in the United States Marine Corps 12 days after his seventeenth birthday in 1968 and served in combat in Vietnam as an infantry squad leader with the First Marine Division and is a holder of the Navy and Marine Corps Combat Action Medal.

He attended Brooklyn College under the G.I. Bill as a pre-law student with a political science major. A graduate of the New York City Police Academy , he worked as a civilian police administrative aid with NYPD.

Haran served four years as a Republican Legislative District Chairman, 1994-98 and as a Housing Commissioner for the City of Glendale, 1995-99. He has been a Republican Precinct and State Committee since 1989, when he first moved to Arizona. He is currently serving as the Second Vice Chairman of District 6 but will be resigning because of his candidacy.

In 2000 Haran was the Republican Nominee for the Arizona House of Representatives and was endorsed by; Trent Franks, John Shadegg, the late Congressmen Bob Stump, Arizona Right to Life, Fraternal Order of Police, The National Rifle Association, and Gun Owners of America with a 100% rating.

He is the father of one daughter, Ann Marie, of Staten Island, NY.

If appointed to the Arizona Senate by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for the reminder of Gorman's term, which ends in January 2011, he will not be a candidate for election in 2010 in order to give the position all his attention and to make what may not be very popular decisions in regard to the current budget crisis.

Mr. Haran feels that the problem in the legislature is lack of cooperation and a, "my way or the highway," attitude by some legislators, he has vowed to cooperate with both Senate Republican leadership and the governor in resolving Arizona's current fiscal crisis.

Haran said the Republican Party must show the people of Arizona that they have the, "Guts to Govern."


Tuesday, February 2, 2010



By Bob Haran;

Is the Lori Klein, the mystery candidate for the Arizona Senate from District 6 pro-life or pro-abortion? I have no way of reading her heart or mind so I can only go on the facts.

Many of Ms Kleins supporters, anonymously of course, have accused me of telling lies about Lori Klein. No lies have been told about Ms. Klein, only the facts have been reported. As Harry Truman said, "I just tell the truth on them and they think it is hell."

These are the facts concerning Lori Klein regarding the issue of abortion.

According to Schedule C2 - Individual contributors of the Post-Primary Election Report covering 8/19/2004 to 9/27/2004 for WISH LIST, The (Women in the Senate and House) on page for a Lori Klein, Address: ( I will not publish her home address) same address as the Lori Klein candidate LD 6, Anthem, AZ 85086, Occupation: CONSULTANT,SELF on 9/10/2004 contributed $65.00 to WISH LIST.

Those of you from district 6 might remember some years back, around 2004, a candidate for district chairman was eviscerated by some of the same people now supporting Lori Klein, such as Dean Martin, for making a contribution to WISH LIST, the only difference was that candidate didn't claim that she didn't know WISH LIST was a pro-abortion fund to elect pro-abortion Republican women.

FACT 2, WISH LIST is a well known pro-abortion group, at least by those of us in the pro-life community and the Republican party. There Mission, according to their web site is,

OUR MISSION "The WISH LIST raises funds to identify, support and elect pro-choice Republican women at all levels of government - local, state and national."

There Vision is, also according to the WISH LIST web site,

OUR VISION for the 21st Century, "Our vision is to create a powerful force of Political Partners whose financial support ensures the continuous election of pro-choice Republican women to positions at all levels of government across America."

Now Ms Klein with over 30 years political fund raising and consulting experience claims she didn't know WISH LIST was a pro-abortion organization, somehow she got it mixed up with the charitable Make a wish foundation.

Ms. Klein, my job with the New York City Police Department was to interview crime victims and to try to ascertain the truth, frankly, your explanation of why you made your contribution to WISH LIST is like a deer in the headlights. Just like the auto theft suspect caught driving a stolen vehicle and when asked where he got the car claims he bought it from some guy named Mike and he doesn't know where Mike lives or works or his phone number. Your story is a deer in the head lights story. After 30 years in politics, you didn't know WISH LIST was a pro-abortion group, I find that incredulous. You would be better off to tell the truth or remain silent, anything you say may be used against you in the court of public opinion.

Its interesting that thou Ms. Klein claims to be pro-life and is a big contributor to political causes, there is no record of her ever giving a penny to Arizona Right to Life.

Lori Klein shouldn't worry however, her supporters will not let the truth get in the way of their support.

PS. When the American Conservative Republican does publish wrong information we will not hide the fact but will readily admit to our mistake on line. There are no errors in the post, only people that can't handle the truth.