Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Voter Registration Down for DEMS and GOP

The latest statewide voter registration figures show an increase of 17,342 voters to give Arizona a total 3,087,996.

The two major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, however, have experienced a decline in voter registration. There are now 1,137,262 registered Republicans in Arizona, a decrease of 3,347 since January. Democrats now number 1,046,140, a decrease of 986 voters since January.

The largest increase has been in the category of no party preference, which now numbers 880,128 voters, an increase of 20,033 since January.

Libertarians saw an increase of 1,630 registered voters for a total of 20,256 and the Green Party added 12 voters, for a total of 4,210.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett said, "Regardless of party affiliation, I am proud to see Arizonans continuing to voice their opinion by taking the first step in registering to vote. Even in this non-election year, consistent voter outreach and educational efforts will remain a key component of my administration."

Bennett also said, "All of this would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the county recorders."

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