Monday, April 6, 2009

Town Hall set for April 16

The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) will be conducting a Town-hall to discuss the state budget at 5:45 PM, April 16 in the Scottsdale Civic Center Library Auditorium, 3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale.

Confirmed speakers for the event are: Sen. Russell Pearce, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee; Rep. John Kavanaugh, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee; President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Senator Thayer Verschoor; and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray.

Topics to be discussed include; the impact of illegal immigration, alternative solutions to raising taxes and, why the Democratic party plan will hurt taxpayers.

MCRC Executive Director Tom Husband said, "It is very important that we conduct town-halls throughout the county to better inform voters and taxpayers as to the status of the state budget. We need to talk directly with our legislators. We are facing difficult economic times, as well as increasing alarm at what is transpiring in Washington."

Husband continued by saying that, "Republicans need to come to these town-halls and express their opinions to elected officials. Legislators are subjected to the pleas of special interest groups and paid lobbyist on a constant basis, but the taxpayers, who carry the burden of financing government, must also be heard. Come out and remind elected officials that they were elected to work for us and we intent to hold them accountable."

At a recent meeting of concerned citizens in Peoria, it was standing room only. "People are very concerned - not only about their personal budget but with what elected officials are doing with city, county, state, and national funds," Husband said.

Sandy Doty, is a Member-at-Large of the MCRC and is the person in-charge of organizing the event. She echoed Husbands thoughts, "People must get involved. We have scheduled some of our best legislators in a facility to seat a large group. If you really want to know what is going on down at the capitol you need to talk directly to your legislators. Unfortunately, the media is not giving us the whole story. We are hoping to get the other side of some of the budget problems out to the public," Doty said.

A $5 donation will be taken at the door and the Town Hall is open to the public. For information please contact Sandy Doty at 480-883-1097.

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