Friday, April 3, 2009

Phil Gordon - "SHUT UP"

By Bob Haran

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, (MCSO), has learned that the office of Congressman John Conyers, Democrat from Michigan, contacted the president of the local NAACP in an attempt to get the civil rights group to bolster the congressman's portrayal of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies as "racial profilers" during Congressional hearings, according to a press release from the MCSO.

The attempt to portray Arpaio and the MCSO as racial profilers was unsuccessful because the NAACP head had no complaints about the Sheriff or other local law enforcement involving racial profiling, therefore, representatives from the NAACP were not invited to testify at the hearings and neither was Arpaio. In fact, to stack the deck against Arpaio, only critics of Arpaio were invited to testify.

Conyers is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and recently spearheaded a federal investigation by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holding claiming MCSO deputies are routinely violating the civil rights of Hispanics in Maricopa County.

Yesterday, about forty MCSO deputies gathered in front of Phoenix City Hall to denounce accusations of racial profiling and recent comments from Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon making them seem like a racist sheriff's office of the old south of the 1950's era. They had a message for Gordon and others ignorant of police work, "Shut Up."

Arpaio said, "Conyers' phone call to the NAACP office right before these hearings convened was a blatant attempt to stack the deck against me and this office. It proves how hollow and corrupt this entire process is."

American Conservative Republican comments:

If there is any organization in this country that would be up in arms over racism and racial profiling of anyone, it would be the well respected NAACP.

The fact is that the vast majority of those demanding immigration control and enforcement of our immigration laws are not racist. It's true that some white supremacists have attempted to hitch hike on the illegal immigration issue to advance their own racist agenda, they are a tiny minority however, and they don't speak for the majority of us demanding immigration control and enforcement.

Those opposed to immigration control want to believe that we are all a bunch of ignorant, redneck, racist. But what about those of us who are of Hispanic ancestry, do they hate themselves? Or are they just good American citizens how put their country first ?

When the original Minuteman Project toke place in April 2005 in Cochise County, then Arizona Governor Napolitano and the mainstream media, called us vigilantes and Mexican hunters. The federal government assigned extra Border Patrol Agents, Napolitano sent extra DPS officers, the Mexican government secured their side of the border, and media from all over the world came down hoping to see a bunch of ignorant white guys shooting up the border and every Mexican they could find. They were disappointed to discover that the Minuteman came from all over the country and were for the most part military veterans and former law enforcement and not a bunch of Mexican hating racist.

Those opposed to any enforcement of illegal immigration, wither they be cheap politicians pandering for the growing Hispanic vote (Phil Gordon) or greedy employers profiting from cheap illegal labor (Wake Up Arizona Coalition), they weren't going to let the truth, get in the way, especially when they had no good argument against control and enforcement. With no good case to make against enforcement of our immigration laws, these selfish politicians and business people, resorted to labeling all those supporting enforcement as racist, therefore, the American Conservative Republican joins with the brave sheriff's deputies and says to all who dare to call us racist without any foundation, "SHUT UP."

You can help to make sure that Phil Gordon gets the message by emailing him at
with just two little words, "SHUT UP."

For God and Country,

Bob Haran,

American Conservative Republican

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