Thursday, April 9, 2009

OBAMA Plans to Make Illegal Immigrants Legal

According to the New York Times, President Barack Obama plans to begin addressing America's immigration system this year, including looking for a path for illegal immigrants to become legal.

Cecillia Munoz, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House, said Obama will frame the new effort as "policy reform that controls immigration and makes it an orderly system."

Over the summer Obama will convene working groups, including lawmakers from both parties and a range of immigration organizations, to begin discussing possible legislation.

During his campaign for the presidency last year, Obama pledged to Latino groups that comprehensive immigration legislation, including a plan to make legal status possible for an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, would be a priority in his first year in office. Latino voters strongly turned out for Obama during the election.

In 2007, a groundswell of opposition to legal status for illegal immigrants, strongly supported by then President George W. Bush, defeated a bipartisan immigration bill.

Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA, an organization that favors reduced immigration, said "It just doesn't seem rational that any political leader would say, let's give millions of foreign workers permanent access to U.S. jobs when we have millions of Americans looking for jobs." Obama would face an "explosion" if he proceeded this year, Beck said.

The president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, (FAIR), said it would be "politically disastrous," for Obama to begin an immigration initiative now.


In the opinion of the American Conservative Republican, this further shows that Obama is a slick, lawyer and politician.

Obama out pandered McCain for the Latino vote and now must satisfy that part of his base without facing the backlash from the majority of the people, which Bush and Congress faced when they suggested making illegal immigrants legal in 2007.

Obviously, Obama's political team are reading the polls and know that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to amnesty.

Instead of following a best public policy path that would bring the illegal immigration problem under control, Obama, like Bush before him, is looking for a best political solution that will satisfy everyone. There is no political solution that will make everyone happy.

Granting an amnesty by another name will not solve the problem, it will only invite more illegal immigration, we know this from experience, therefore, amnesty, by any name, should be out of the question and off the table.

For those of us that put the good of our country before any political consideration, finding the solution to the illegal immigration problem is not that complicated.

Fix what caused the problem and you solve the problem.

Two things allowed illegal immigration to spin out of control, an unsecured border and the availability of jobs in American for those in our country illegally.

Politicians from both parties heard the people load and clear, "Secure the Border," and now there is a fence part way across the border and more resources committed to making our international border secure.

Building a fence along the border will only impede illegal entry into the United States however, we will never have a 100% secure border. As long as jobs are available to illegal aliens in the U.S., they will keep coming here illegally. Build a 15 foot fence and they will find a 16 foot ladder.

The key to solving the illegal immigration problem is to end the availability of jobs for undocumented, illegal aliens in the United States. No new law is necessary, it is already illegal to knowingly hire undocumented workers. The law against hiring illegal immigrants was not being enforced, the employers knew it and so did the people south of the border, therefore, greedy employers toke advantage of the low cost labor illegal immigrants provided to increase their profits which in turn caused a massive flood of humanity to cross our southern border illegally because the border was unsecured and jobs available for them in America, regardless of their legal status.

Mr. President, to bring the problem of illegal immigration under control, complete the fence and make our border as secure as possible, use the military if necessary, people have no right to violate our sovereignty as a nation, regardless of their motive.

Make E-verify permanent and mandatory. The only reason an employer would be opposed to E-Verify is because they know they hire undocumented workers. Honest employers have nothing to fear from E-Verify.

Enforce employer sanctions against hiring undocumented workers. The law is nothing but some ink on a paper if it is not enforced. It is the duty of the president to see that all the laws are faithfully executed, not just some.

Enforcing employer sanctions does not mean stop going after illegal workers. Just going after the illegal employer makes about as much sense just going after the illegal worker. They are both breaking our laws, enforce our laws.

It's that simple, secure the border and enforce all our immigration laws.

Bob Haran,

American Conservative Republican


  1. In this melting economy and our lawmakers complete resistance to the US publics policies. American patriots must do the right thing and stop this violation of Federal law. No doubt it will be very difficult because the administration in power, is run by Left wing Democrats. Sen. David Vitter, Republican-LA has drafted S95, a law if enacted, could kill all funding to any city that is infamously branded a "Sanctuary City." With indifference to American populations outcry any city that entertains as a refuge to illegal immigrants. They will have to search the deep pockets of their business co-conspirators, to insure costs for services. We all know the 50 Senators including Harry Reid, and Madam Pelosi who secretly suppressed e-verify, so that more than 300.000 illegal labor, could compete for jobs with American Workers.

    What are any of these idiots thinking, when their are 10 million jobless Americans right now in these United States? They must be undead zombies not to realize without any logic, that we can't afford to subsidize as estimated by the Heritage Foundation 40 million illegal aliens? Perhaps professional people in limited numbers with absolute skills in the scientific fields. But certainly not uneducated, indigent labor who competes with legal low skilled whites, blacks or any other color, creed or religion? We all must be bloody fools not to recognize, that California nearly went into a $47 billion dollar crash. Because of the payout to the illegal poor who have figured out the way to short change Americans of their pay checks. Also know America settles more new legal immigrants, than any place on Mother Earth. Over 1.5 million immigrants were nationalized last year.

    Should this law get the backing of millions of Americans, we have the tremendous influence to sever most welfare benefits and government handouts, to anybody who steals into a sovereign country without being processed. In states like California where in just Los Angeles county alone, an estimated 4 million illegal nationals have settled there. The people’s safety net is now overwhelmed by families, who have learned to tap every social welfare program available. Legal or otherwise! Even Federal programs-for citizens only-- has been compromised, including low income housing, pre-natal and after birth care, hospital emergency care, where the illegal uninsured, dumped on the entrance to a hospital by pirate contractors and business owners. It is Left for the taxpayer, to pick up the bill. Not just for major injury, but for flue, nail fungus or anything minor--and its free. All the while citizens are interrogated for their insurance card, social security number or money to pay. They get Scott-free care and we get a phone call from a debt collector or end up in front of a bankruptcy judge. California was just one state where local government has intentionally ignored the "Rule of Law." Poor foreign nationals have turned our neighborhoods into littered streets and heinous crime scenes as never before in our history.

    Today we have a slender chance to stop this caricature of our laws. Call, write, fax or phone and make your demands real to these pro-illegal immigrant legislators. It seems their arrogant attitude can overrule the will of THE PEOPLE. The president has already informed us that an Amnesty is being readied. The problem is after the 1986 Amnesty, we were avidly promised--NO MORE. If yet another Amnesty is passed, the impoverished outside our lands will keep coming. Taxpayers have--and will be a permanent--THE BEAST OF BURDEN. Taxpayer in-perpetuity will be expected to carry in social services for every lawbreaker. We cannot afford another Amnesty. Every family from Guatemala, Kowloon and Bombay can sponsor all and every relative they possess and you end up paying for our traitorous politicians.

    Go to CAPSWEB to utilize their petition to condemn Sanctuary cities. Read the facts at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIALWATCH, FAIR AND AMERICAN PATROL

  2. Bob's FriendApril 9, 2009 at 6:35 PM

    The Democrats are losing on the generic ballot for Congress. When asked if a voter would vote fora Democrat or a Republican for Congress, for the first time in six years, people prefer to vote for a Republican. The Democrats will lose the House of representatives unless they create a new constituency beofre the 2010 general election. That is why granting citizenship to illegals is a priority for them. They only care about power.

  3. i think we should have another amnesty i mean illegal immigrants wrk like regular americans actually we wrk harder and its only fair that at some point someone recognizes this and i than U PRESIDENT OBAMAM FOR OPENING DOORS FOR US WHEN EV1 WANTS TO CLOSE THEM IN OUR FACES