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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Phoenix, AZ – Faced with Arizona’s staggering state budget shortfall, the Arizona House Democrats’ plan is to spend more. “Apparently, Rep. Kirsten Sinema and Chad Campbell agree with President Obama’s plan to spend us out of our economic crisis,” said AZGOP Chairman Randy Pullen. “We have tried this before and it does not work.” Their plan calls for spending most of the stimulus money this year and next and raising taxes $700 million in order to pay for more state spending, while recklessly shifting responsibility for future budget deficits down the road.

“It seems that House Democrats would rather stick their head in the sand when it comes to dealing with our state’s financial crisis,” said Chairman Pullen. “The Democrats proposal is ridiculously shortsighted and would raise taxes on certain Arizonans, thereby creating a sense of class warfare. Governor Brewer is proposing a budget that reduces the size of government, reforms the budget process and reinvents the way we will move forward from the spending problems that have plagued us under our former Governor, Janet Napolitano.”

The House Democrat proposes $700 million in new or higher taxes, while failing to eliminate waste in our educational system and inefficient social programs.

“On its face, it appears that House Democrats are saying ‘Why fix today, what we can put off until tomorrow?’ Arizona Democrats believe that they can embrace President Obama’s plans to spend, spend, spend and have us all pay for it after they leave office,” Chairman Pullen said. “Fortunately for us, our state’s treasury cannot print money like the federal government to pay for their wasteful spending. We need real solutions and real results, and this plan fails on both counts,” Chairman Pullen said.

“With the Governor and Republican Leadership in the House and Senate working together to make responsible choices that meets the needs of Arizonans, I’m confident that we will continue to move forward to a stable economic climate. It is a shame that Democrats in the Arizona House don’t seem to get it.” Chairman Pullen concluded.


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