Friday, April 17, 2009


It seems that there will be an opening for a new Member of Congress from Arizona's Third Congressional District, currently represented by John Shadegg.

Based on recent remarks by Shadegg against the Arizona Republican Party and the Maricopa County Republican Committee and their respective chairmen, rumors of his retirement must be true.

According to a report in the GOPUSA NEWS, which has been confirmed, John Shadegg, first elected to Congress as a Republican in 1994, has declared war on the Arizona Republican Party and the choice Republican State Committeemen made to elect Randy Pullen as their state chairman and the Maricopa County Republican Committee because they elected Rob Haney as their chairman.

On Monday, April 13, Shadegg was the quest speaker at a meeting of the Arizona Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Scottsdale, AZ.

According to GOPUSA NEWS, Shadegg talked about a wide range of issues that included encouraging other members of Congress not to interact with CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) about which he distributed literature, the lack of commitment by many Republicans in Congress to freedom and free market principles, and the Republican Party in general.

Shadegg said that once Republicans took control of Congress in 1995, many were corrupted by their power as the majority. This led to excess government spending, increased use of earmarks, and more corruption. Shadegg further said that the real election calling for change was in 2006, when the Democrats were elected to the majority.

After distancing himself from the Republicans in Congress, Shadegg took questions from the audience.

The GOPUSA News article said that in response to a question about getting involved in political organizations, Rep. Shadegg encouraged conservatives to get involved in grassroots organizations such as the Republican Jewish Coalition, contact their elected officials, and talk to people about issues in order to present a conservative view.

Shadegg then said, again, according to GOPUSA, that getting involved in the Arizona Republican Party or the Maricopa County Republican Committee was a bad idea because they were being poorly led and were at the lowest level since Evan Mecham was governor. He also said the leaders of the Arizona state party and the Maricopa Committee used the illegal immigration issue to create conflicts in the Republican Party.

Obviously Shadegg does not consider attacking his fellow Republicans in Congress and the Arizona Republican Party and the state and county Republican Chairman as a cause of conflict within the Republican Party.

After saying that the Republican Party leaders should focus on having a big tent, he said he is definitely not supportive of people like Russell Pearce who wants to arrest and deport illegal immigrants on a huge scale.

In response to another question Shadegg back-peddled from his recommendation, not to get involved with the Arizona Republican Party and apologized for saying that and then said, people should get involved in the GOP to remove the elected state and county chairman.

It would appear that after 15 years in Washington, Shadegg no longer believes that the grassroots of the Republican party are competent enough to elect their own state and county chairman or to take a position on illegal immigration. Perhaps he wants us to just drink the Shadegg brand of Kool Aid and let McCain and the other Republican members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation appoint our officers and tell us what position to take on the issues. It seems that Shadegg believes a political party should be run like a corporation, with control coming from the top down instead of from the grassroots up.

If Congressmen John Shadegg dislikes the selection of Randy Pullen by the grassroots of the Arizona Republican Party as their state chairman and, the election of Rob Haney has their county chairman, perhaps Shadegg should do the honorable thing and leave the party he no longer supports.

Unfortunately for Shadegg, there are only two major political parties in America, the Democratic and Republican parties, and both are governed from the bottom up. Two parties controlled from the top down were the Fascist and the Communist, and both were failures, therefore, Shadegg can do and say what he wants, but we the Republican precinct and state committeemen, who represent the Republican voters, are the Republican Party and not the Republicans, INC.

Therefore, the Republicans of CD 3, will need a good conservative Republican candidate who has enough respect for the grassroots of the GOP to allow them to select their own leaders and to make their own decisions on the issues to represent them as the Republican candidate for Congress, to be selected by the people of CD 3 in 2010.

Bob Haran,
American Conservative Republican


  1. Felicia said;

    Good Job!!

  2. From Duke;

    The presumption that 'the party is governed from the grassroots up' may be the theory, but hardly the actuality. While I don't agree with much of what Shadegg is purported to have said, the manner in which he expressed it, nor his choice of venue for saying it, he did hit some telling points.

    While most of us believe we have 'conservative values', I doubt there is anyone who can give a definition of 'a conservative' that would satisfy even only those receiving the email. I do know that there were many active, dedicated conservative Republicans at the convention that elected Randy Pullen - by the slimmest of margins - were less than overjoyed by the choice we were offered.

    This is not to imply that Mr. Pullen - or Mr. Shadegg - are doing any less than their best for what, in their opinion, is best for the party or the nation, but as a registered Republican, a conservative, and an individual, I reserve the right to my opinion and to express it as representing the constituency that voted for me - and Rep. Shadegg deserves the same consideration...whether or not 'other conservative Republicans' agree. As Patton is reputed to have said, "When everyone is thinking the same thing, nobody's thinking".

    -------- Duke
    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  3. Shadegg votes for what his constituents want so why is this not considered grassroots from the ground up?

  4. Rhonda said;


    Hooray for you! It's refreshing to watch someone stand up against tough opposition! We salute you!