Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Senator Gorman Outlines Plan for Economic Recovery

According to a press release by Arizona Senate Republicans, Senate Majority Whip Pamela Gorman, R, LD -6, outlined a Senate Republican plan for Arizona’s economic recovery that focuses on creating an environment to attract jobs to Arizona.

“We have to create fertile ground for future growth in the economy in order to overcome our budget crisis. We do that by bringing jobs to the state,” Gorman said. The Senate economic recovery plan addresses four key areas of proven economic success that will:

1-Reduce regulatory burden
2- Assure a stable tax structure
3- Prevent arbitrary fees to employers
4- Remove government from direct competition with private employers

There are many regulatory and financial burdens local and state governments place on Arizona employers. These burdens may be slowing or standing in the way of economic activity, and need to be re-evaluated in light of Arizona’s fiscal crisis.

“Arizona has to be a more attractive place for employers to not just survive, but thrive,” Gorman said at Monday’s press briefing. “As California drives employers away with their tax increases, Arizona should be bringing them here with policies that allow them to succeed and our economy to recovery.”

Gorman and Republican leaders will more specifically detail elements of the economic recovery plan in the coming weeks as bills like Senate Bill 1466 – which creates a commission to search state government for areas that the private sector could run more efficiently - begin to move through the system.

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