Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Napolitano to enforce Employer Sanctions

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will soon direct that the department's agents emphasize targeting employers that hire illegal workers for arrest and prosecution.

During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama claimed that past enforcement efforts failed because they focused on the illegal immigrant rather then the employers that hired them.

There are an estimated 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in the United States, no one really knows how many. Even hard core immigration control and enforcement advocates admit that millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is unacceptable, however, rounding up that many people and deporting them is not practical.

Those of us that have been advocating immigration control and enforcement have long realized that the primary cause of massive illegal immigration has been an unsecured border with Mexico and the availability of jobs for undocumented workers in the United States.

Before the Minuteman Project of April 2005, security at our southern border was a bad joke. The patriotic members of the Minuteman Project and Members of Congress, like Tom Tancredo of Colorado, helped spotlight our lack of security at the border. The Minuteman themselves, who merely observe and report infiltration of illegal aliens into the United States, proved that the border can be better secured, more importantly however, by the use of gesture politics, they got the Congress and the federal government to finally get serious about securing the border.

No amount of security at the border can keep people, trying to improve their lives, from illegally entering the country if jobs are available for them in the U.S., however. As a member of the original Minuteman Project, before everyone claimed to be a Minuteman, I have to admit that if I were born on the other side of the border, I too would be trying to get into the United States if jobs are available. Build a 50 foot wall and I'll find a 51 foot ladder.

Some Washington politicians with higher ambitions, such as John McCain, were more concerned with pandering to the growing Hispanic population for votes and also accommodating the desire for cheap labor by business interests, who make large campaign contributions, then combating the crisis of massive illegal immigration.

Most politicians responded to the demand by the American people for increased border security, Others however, like John McCain, claimed that the solution to illegal immigration was to make illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, which made about as much sense as removing any speed limit to reduce speeding violations. McCain insisted that making illegal immigrants, legal immigrants was not an amnesty however.

McCain tried to justify illegal immigration by claiming that those in the country illegally were merely doing the jobs Americans wont do, sidestepping the fact that they were here illegally and working for substandard wages and taking jobs from American workers.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which granted an amnesty to 2.8 million illegal aliens who met certain criteria, put employer sanctions into place for hiring undocumented workers. The 1986 amnesty was followed by other amnesties but the sanctions against employers were not enforced, therefore, employers, with a wink and a nod, continued to illegally hire undocumented workers and the invasion of illegal aliens continued and increased in anticipation of the next amnesty.

Clearly, the lack of enforcement of employer sanctions has been the primary cause of massive illegal immigration into the United States.

The American Conservative Republican supports employer sanctions and applauds former Arizona Governor Napolitano and the Obama administration for their intent to emphasize arrest and prosecution of the greedy employers who exploit and profit from cheap illegal immigrant labor. It is still important to continue to deport those employees in the U.S. illegally, however, to reduce the supply of cheap labor for the greedy employers profiting from illegal immigration.

Bob Haran,
American Conservative Republican


  1. Napolitano should be fired. She is not working for Americans she is doing exactly what she has always wanted that is "Amnesty". She is now giving them premission to contiue to work even though they have broken laws. She knows how many Amreicans are unemployed and she just does not work for Americans. She seems to be working for people who do not belong here. She is harboring Illegals and encouraging them to continue to break our laws. We need to start standing up these people at the house to not listen to us; we have voiced what we want and they ignore us. She seems to do what she wants to do; she has a job to work for us not them. I do not like this woman; She is Anti American. What is this stimulus going to do for Americans; nothing. She is wrong doing what she is doing. 28 IllegaS WERE ARRESTED FOR ID THEFT AND BEING ILLEGAL; WHAT DID SHE DO; freed them and gave them a ticket to continue working when so many AMERICANS ARE UNEMPLOYED. wow! i cannot beleive this woman. WE NEED TO START VOICING TO THROW HER OUT. GET AN AMRICAN THAT LOVES THE USA AND CARES ABOUT US. SEND HER TO MEXICO TO HELP THEM OVER THERE.

  2. Enforcing Immigration laws have been proven to work. Obama has lied to us; he is starting to be on the wrong side. He nominated Napolitano; he knew she was a lobbist for Illegal Immigration. Can't they see why Americans are unemployed. Cant they see why we are in terrible Debt. How does he intend to help Americans by allowing Illegas to stay and work. Employers will always lie and say they did not know they had hired illegas. It has been proven they even help get them fake IDs. I do not trust Obama anymore. he is not for us; nor his nominees. Americans need to stand up. We have to voice and never give up.