Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Employer Sanctions Wins Again

What part of illegal don't these people understand?

The latest attempt by opponents of Arizona's employer sanction law, the Fair and Legal Employment Act, has been defeated, again. Hiring undocumented workers is illegal under federal law. The Arizona law allows the state to pull the license of any business that knowingly hires undocumented workers.

On Monday, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to hear a challenge to the constitutionally of the Arizona law. In September of 2008, the federal appeals court ruled in favor of upholding Arizona's employer sanctions law.

There has been strong opposition to the Arizona law since it was passed by the legislature and signed by former Governor Napolitano in 2007. The law took effect in January of 2008, legal challenges, however, by groups such as the Wake Up Arizona Coalition, have obstructed enforcement and no employers have been prosecuted for violating Arizona's employer sanctions law thus far.

In November, Arizona voters soundly defeated an initiative backed by the Wake Up Arizona Coalition, Prop. 202, which was designed to make Arizona's employer sanctions law impossible to enforce.

In 2007, the Wake Up Arizona Coalition, headed by McDonald's franchise owner, Mac Magruder, vowed to defeat any candidate or legislator who supports employer sanctions.

Lisa James, who is the wife of Wake Up Arizona Coalition member, Gordon C. James, ran for chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and lost to incumbent Randy Pullen in January 2009. Pullen supports employer sanctions and helped to defeat Prop. 202.

The members of the Wake Up Arizona Coalition are:

* Mac Magruder, owner of McDonald fast food franchises.

* Ray Arvizu, owner of Arvizu Advertising & Promotions.

* Tom Barnett, owns Good Egg and Eggery restaurants and Burger King franchises.

* Steve Chucri, of the Arizona Restaurant Association.

* Jim Click, a Tucson auto dealer.

*Jerry Colangelo, former owner of the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks.

* Brian Day O'Connor, owner of a commercial real estate firm and a carwash, is the son of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

* Nicole Dreier, representing Burger King franchises.

* Barry Goldwater Jr. son of the former senator.

* Danny Hendon, owner of Danny's Family Car Washes.

* Steve Hilton, Chief executive, Meritage Homes.

* Gordon James, husband of Lisa James and owner of public relations firm.

* James LeVecke, owns Carl's Jr. franchises.

* Jeff Moorad, general manager, Arizona Diamondbacks.

* Mary Rose Wilcox, Maricopa County supervisor and owner of El Portal restaurant.

Thankfully, people are wide awake to the Wake Up Arizona Coalition.

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