Friday, March 13, 2009

Gorman Blow-Up with Burns May Cost Her Whip Position

On the Channel 8 program, Horizon, Paul Giblin, of the, pay for the news online, Arizona Guardian, said that there was a blow-up between Senate President Bob Burns and Senate Majority Whip Pam Gorman that had something to do with taxes. No details were revealed on Horizon, enough was said however to peak my curiosity, so I went to the, overpriced news merchants, at the Arizona Guardian to try to get some details.

I wasn't willing to pay the Arizona Guardian's ransom price for the whole story but I was able to get some information for free from them.

Here is the news that the Arizona Guardian was willing to let the people see for free;

Dateline, 13 March 2009 16:49 Paul Giblin and Patti Epler

"Some Senate Republicans were mulling the possible removal of GOP whip Pam Gorman, a day after a blow-up between Senate President Bob Burns and Gorman about the latest budget fix nearly cost Gorman her position.

The true strength of the movement could not be ascertained on Friday, but some members told the Guardian that a vote of no confidence could be called as soon as Tuesday."

The last line of the Guardian news teaser was a quote from a senator who spoke on the condition of anonymity who said in reference to Gorman, "She has a list of people she's alienated - and it grows daily."

Senator Burns and Gorman are both Republicans. Burns represents LD 9 and Gorman represents LD 6. Last month Representative Sam Crump, also of LD 6, had a blow-up with Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams over a budget item which temporarily cost him his Chairmanship of the House Government Committee.

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    Mary Jo Pitzl of The Arizona Republic gave us the rest of the story today.

    Pitzl reports that Senate Majority Whip Pamela Gorman tried to slow down a vote last week on using stimulus money for child care subsidies.

    Gorman acknowledged sharp words between her and Senate President Bob Burns but added, "by the time we left Thursday, Bob and I had hugged and made up."

    Burns wouldn't comment about threatening to remove Gorman as majority whip.

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