Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Nominee for Justice Dept, Child Porn is Art !

An Op-Ed by Cathy Ruse of the Family Research Council
http://www.frc.org/frc-op-eds, has exposed some disturbing information about President Barack Obama's nominee for Deputy Attorney General, David Ogden, he is a hero of the porn industry.

Ogden's clients have included such publications as Playboy and Penthouse, but he has also defended what he considers to be a right to receive child pornography.

Americans have a right to free speech and a free press which is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, however, there are some reasonable limits to free speech when public safety is concerned, we can't go into a crowded theatre and start a stampede by shouting fire and expect to be protected by the First Amendment. The exploitation of children for some sort of sick adult sexual gratification is not and should not be protected speech, regardless of how much a lawyer attempts to bend the law, it's simply wrong.

Here are the facts of the case David Ogden defended, according to the Family Research Council Op-Ed.

In 1991, customs officials intercepted a mailing requesting two videotapes with the titles "Little Girl Bottoms" and "Little Blonds" distributed by the Nather Company of Las Vegas. The purchaser was a man in Pennsylvania and a search of his apartment revealed other videotapes distributed by the same company, which contained numerous vignettes of teenage and preteen females between the ages of 10 and 17, striking provocative poses for the camera.

Ogden filed a brief on the behalf of the ACLU which argued that the videos are just another form of art which is protected by the First Amendment because the private parts of the children were not clearly visible. Thankfully, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals recognized child pornography when they saw it and affirmed the conviction for violating federal child pornography laws.

President Obama, who has two lovely daughters himself, now he wants to make David Ogden the number two person at the Justice Department, which is responsible for prosecuting violations of federal child pornography laws.

This is not the type of news the liberal, Obama friendly, media reports. The American Conservative Republican, however, feels that it is important and that someone who argues that child pornography is, just another art form, should not be holding the second highest job at the Justice Department, we therefore ask our readers to contact President Obama and urge him to withdraw his nomination of David Ogden and to also urge their U.S. Senators not to confirm his nomination, our children cannot afford to let this just slip by.

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