Monday, February 23, 2009

Brett Mecum Appointed GOP Executive Director.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen has appointed Brett Mecum as the state party executive director.

Mecum was hired in February 2007 as the Arizona GOP communications director and later was promoted to political director.

Pullen said, "Brett has proven time and again that he has the abilities and talents to do the job of executive director effectively." Mecum said he was honored by the trust and confidence that chairman Pullen has in him and pointed out that, "the Republican Party in Arizona is in a strong position to capitalize on its 2008 electoral victories." As Republicans were taking a beating in other states, the number of Republicans in the Arizona Legislature increased. Pullen says that Mecum has, "earned the confidence of party activists," and that, "he is the right person to help move the Republican Party forward through the 2010 election cycle."

The Arizona Conservative Republican applauds Chairman Pullen's choice of Brett Mecum as executive director. Mecum has never been just an employee of the Republican Party, he has always been active and energetic at whatever job he has held with the party and he has never taken a superior attitude toward long time Republican volunteer activists, we appreciate that and urge all Arizona Republicans to fully cooperate with Chairman Pullen and Mr. Mecum and make the Arizona Republican Party even stronger in 2010.

Congratulations to Brett Mecum.

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