Saturday, February 7, 2009

Arizona Democratic Chair Resigns.

I'm out of here, that is pretty much is what newly elected Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Paul Eckerstrom told the party's state committee.

Taking a page from the Obama playbook, Arizona Democrats issued a news release late Friday that Eckerstrom, who was just elected two weeks ago, was stepping down as Arizona Democratic Chair.

Just one week ago, again late on a Friday, Democrats announced that Tom Daschle, Obama's choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services, had an issue with some tax "errors," On Tuesday, Daschle withdrew his nomination as secretary of HHS over those tax "errors."

Eckerstrom, who lives and works in Tucson and is the former Pima County Democratic Chair, told the state committee that the logistical demands of the job were insurmountable. Two weeks ago, on the same day that Arizona Republicans voted to keep Randy Pullen as their chairman, Democrats decided it was time for change and elected Eckerstrom in an upset victory over their incumbent chairman, Don Bivens.

Conservatives, who dominate the GOP, try to conserve that which works and believe that change should come gradually and only when necessary. Liberals, who dominate the Democratic Party leadership, like to experiment with change for the sake of change and don't tend to look at the consequences of that change.

Sometimes change can be good if it is well thought out, or it could be disastrous if it is not. Two weeks ago, when Eckerstrom and the Arizona Democrats decided it was time for a change, didn't take into consider the fact that Tucson is over 120 miles from Phoenix, which might cause insurmountable logistical demands for a chairman who lives and works in Tucson when their headquarters is in Phoenix.

Harriet Young, the Arizona Democratic Party First Vice Chair, will act as interim party chair until Democrats select a new chairman. Young asked Eckerstrom to serve as the chair of the Democrats Advisory Committee on Strategic Planning to win back the governorship and the Legislature from the Republicans.

Having Eckerstrom in charge of strategic planning for the Democrats may cause the GOP to be overly confident about the 2010 election, which just might be the secret behind the Democrat's strategic plan.

The American Conservative Republican will be watching for more change from the Democrats late next Friday.

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  1. Hi Bob,

    Can you believe this!? Already, they are in a melt-down! Good thing we are firing on all cylinders and working well to get things done.

    Kim Owens