Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crump Retains Chairmanship.

Becky Blackburn of Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams' office has issued a news release announcing that Representative Sam Crump (R) LD 6, will continue to serve as Chairman of the House Government Committee.

Crump was removed, or maybe not, as Chairman of the House Government Committee over a dispute with House Speaker Kirk Adams involving funding for the 21st Century Fund.

See next post "Adams vs Crump," for details.

The release from Kirk Adams' office follows:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Becky Blackburn/602-926-3233

Rep. SAM Crump will retain his Chairmanship of the
House Government Committee

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (Feb. 4, 2009) – House Speaker Kirk Adams (R-Dist. 19) announced today that Representative Sam Crump (R-Dist. 6) will continue to serve as Chairman of the House Government Committee.

Speaker Adams had every intention of removing Representative Crump from his post as a result of negotiations on the 2009 budget fix. While the House Leadership fully supported the decision, no official action was taken.

“Committee Chairmen have a heightened responsibility to the caucus and must be mindful of the objectives of the House as a whole,” Adams said. “I was concerned that Representative Crump exceeded proper decorum during the budget debates.”

Speaker Adams and Representative Crump have since spoken at length and both acknowledge that, particularly during difficult budget negotiations, some misunderstandings are inevitable.

They also both agree on the importance of the Majority Caucus working collectively to solve the state’s most pressing issues—particularly a looming FY 2010 budget deficit. Speaker Adams stated he has confidence in Representative Crump’s ability to chair one of the House’s key committees.

“I certainly have a better understanding of the significance the Speaker places on the role of committee chairmen,” Rep. Crump said. “I am committed to continuing a positive working relationship with our leadership and look forward to continuing in the role of Government Committee Chairman.”
Both Speaker Adams and Rep. Crump will have no further comments on this matter.

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