Monday, January 19, 2009

Lisa James endorsed by Kyl

Senator Jon Kyl has endorsed public relations consultant Lisa James for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

Lisa James lost to Randy Pullen for chairman in 2007 by four votes.

In a press release issued by Gordon C. James Public Relations, Kyl is reported as issuing the following statement: "I support Lisa James for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party because she will provide the leadership to increase Republican voter registration, raise funds, recruit candidates and execute a successful get out the vote effort."


Jon Kyl's support can only help Lisa James, who has a paucity of significant endorsements, but it may further polarize a party already seriously divided over the issue of illegal immigration and sanctions against employers that illegally hire undocumented workers.

What is not being reported by the mainstream media is that Lisa James' husband, Gordon C. James, is a member of Mac Magruder's, Wake Up Arizona Coalition, which has backed legal action to block the Arizona Fair and Legal Employment Act and who have vowed to defeat any candidate or legislator who supports sanctions employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen, who defeated Lisa James for Chairman in 2007, has long supported immigration enforcement and chaired the successful 2004 ballot initiative, Prop 200, which requires proof of citizenship before an individual may register to vote or apply for public benefits by the state of Arizona.

Pullen also help defeat the 2008 initiative backed by the Wake Up Arizona Coalition, Prop. 202, which would have gutted the Arizona employer sanctions law by making it impossible to enforce.

As state party chairman, Pullen helped make it the official policy of the Republican National Committee that America first secures it's border before pursuing other legislation related to immigration, such as guest worker schemes.

As a Republican president and the party have been experiencing the lowest approval ratings since Watergate, the Arizona GOP, under Pullen's leadership, has increased it's majorities in both the Arizona House and Senate and increased the number of elected Republican Precinct Committeemen statewide from 2,700 to over 3,000.

It's not Pullen's accomplishments as state chairman that matters to those opposed to him however, it's his support for immigration control and specifically his support for employer sanctions for knowingly hiring undocumented workers.

Randy Pullen has done a very good job as state party chairman under some of the worst conditions, including opposition from Arizona's Republican Congressional delegation. He is one of the best state chairman the Arizona GOP has had in a long time and he is popular with the grassroots of the party

Not only does Randy Pullen deserve re-election as state party chairman, he deserves re-election without opposition from our out of touch Congressional delegation, including Jon Kyl.

The Arizona Conservative Republican does not approve of Senator Kyl's decision to endorse Lisa James and further divide the Arizona Republican Party.

Let the greedy business people of the Wake Up Arizona Coalition know that the Arizona Republican party can't be bought with party donations and will not be pressured to support a wrong headed policy that puts profit before country and politics before principle and takes control of the party from the grassroots, keep our chairman as chairman, re-elect Randy Pullen.

Wake Up Arizona Coalition Members:
• Mac Magruder, owns McDonald’s franchises• Ray Arvizu, owns Arvizu Advertising & Promotions, a Hispanic marketing firm• Tom Barnett, owns Good Egg and Eggery restaurants and Burger King franchises• Steve Chucri, president, Arizona Restaurant Association• Jim Click, Tucson car dealer• Jerry Colangelo, former owner, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks• Brian Day O’Connor, owns a commercial real estate firm and a carwash; son of former U.S. Supreme Court justice• Nicole Dreier, representing Burger King franchises• Barry Goldwater Jr., son of former U.S. senator• Danny Hendon, owns Danny’s Family Car Washes• Steve Hilton, chief executive, Meritage Homes• GORDON JAMES, husband of LISA JAMES, owns public relations firm• James LeVecke, owns Carl’s Jr. franchises• Jeff Moorad, general manager, Arizona Diamondbacks• Mary Rose Wilcox, Maricopa County supervisor, owner El Portal restaurant.


  1. No surprise with Kyl, the snake.

    I'm an American Conservative Democrat, the original people's party.

    Glenn Fuller,

  2. Thanks for a good piece of reporting. Revealing the names and the commercial interests of the Magruder Coalition is especially eye catching. Wish I was able to vote at this time. If I could it would surely be for Randy and the swelling ranks of those who believe this party will be rebuilt on strong principles and a grassroots organization. Gordon Lynch, Chairman, Sun Lakes Republican Club.