Thursday, January 15, 2009

Computer Crime and Punishment

If you have been wondering why The American Conservative Republican hasn't published anything since December 29, the reason is spy-ware. If you don't know what spy-ware is, it's something you hope your political opponent gets about two weeks before election day. This was the first time I was a victim of spy-ware, and I do mean victim. I'm almost certain that it's a crime, but who do I report it to? Can I call the Phoenix Police Dept and say, "HELP, send a police officer, I'm under spy-ware attack by somebody from somewhere on the planet Earth." Who are the spy-ware police? Who does a victim of spy-ware and other computer crimes make a report with, AOL ? Because some criminal armed with a computer, most likely in a foreign country, decides to send an advertisement that blocks my computer screen and won't go away unless I pay, my computer was down for almost two weeks and I had to pay out around $300 in repair costs. Who are these criminals? They victimize thousands, or maybe, millions of people daily, and no-one knows who they are. What would happen to these creeps if we were able to apprehend them? Would they get a fine and maybe some time, I don't know.

I'm opposed to cruel and unusual punishment, but I think I will contact my legislators and ask them to pass some computer crime laws with the punishment being that the perpetrator be cut into a thousand pieces and feed to the fish. OK, I'm still a little upset over being victimized by some low life and maybe cutting someone into a thousand pieces is extreme, maybe a first offender can get off with a simple lethal injection.

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