Sunday, January 17, 2010

UPDATE, Race for Shadegg Seat & other North Valley News.

Gordon considering run for Shadegg’s U.S. House seat
From the Phoenix Business Journal - by Mike Sunnucks

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon could be eyeing a run for U.S. Rep. John Shadegg’s congressional seat.

Shadegg said Thursday he would not seek another term in the district that includes north Phoenix, Anthem and Paradise Valley.

That has sparked speculation on who might seek the job.

Gordon has been mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate in the Republican-oriented district.

The Phoenix mayor said Friday he would be looking at the lay of the land in the race.
“There’s no doubt that Phoenix needs another strong advocate in Washington who can make sure we get our fair share of federal resources while creating an environment where the private sector can thrive, and I've received dozens of calls encouraging me to look at the race. Nevertheless, my focus remains creating jobs and economic opportunity in the city of Phoenix, so it makes sense to let the political dust to settle for a few days before spending any time looking at this,” said Gordon.

Democrats would have an uphill climb in winning Shadegg’s seat. Shadegg defeated Democratic attorney Bob Lord in the most recent election, and first won in 1994.
A number of Republicans are also looking at running for the seat. State Sen. Pam Gorman, R-Phoenix, told the Phoenix Business Journal Thursday night she’s considering a run.
Other potential GOP candidates include State Sens. Jim Waring and Barbara Leff as well as State Reps. Sam Crump and Jim Weiers.

Shadegg announced his retirement the day after State Treasurer Dean Martin announced he was running for governor. Martin had been eyeing Shadegg’s seat.
Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker also lives in the district but is also making a bid for governor this year.
Update and Comment from American Conservative Republican.
By Bob Haran

According to both Sam Crump and Jim Waring, they will be candidates for the GOP CD 3 Congressional nomination, this is confirmed by me after speaking with both directly. Two indirect sources have told me that Pam Gorman has also entered the field but this has not yet been confirmed. Barbara Leff and Thayer Verschoor are both running for Arizona Treasurer to replace Dean Martin, who's campaign for the GOP governor's nomination is in full swing. I have no information regarding Jim Weiers throwing his hat into the ring in CD 3. I never did ask Vernon Parker if he had any interest in running for congress, however, he also seems to be fully engaged in seeking the GOP nomination for governor.

Based on conversations I had both before the Maricopa County Republican Committee meeting Saturday in Tempe and during it, both Crump and Waring seem to be the favorites in the Republican political community, with Crump slightly ahead of Waring, but both very acceptable to almost everyone I spoke with. Actually I don't recall any negative comments regarding any of the names mentioned as possible candidates.

Contrary to predictions by some political commentators, minus a major event, John Shadegg's congressional seat looks to be safely Republican in 2010, even if Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon were to obtain the Democrat nomination.

In the best interest of my country, I have no plans to run for congress but I have been asked to run for Sam Crump's Arizona House seat from LD 6. More on my plans and LD 6 on a later post. I'm truly overwhelmed by the positive response to a possible Haran candidacy however. Steve Kaiser, an Army reserve captain and Afgan veteran has resumed his campaign for the Arizona House from LD 6 and so far, he seems acceptable to me and because he is younger and prettier then me and also vetted by the U.S. Army, I would probable not obstruct his gaining the nomination by running myself, that is not final however at this time. Hopefully my plans will be announced early next week.

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