Friday, January 29, 2010

Republican Job Recovery Bill approved by AZ House

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (January 28, 2010) –

The Arizona House of Representatives passed House Bill 2250, the Arizona Economic and Job Recovery Act, on a 34 to 25 vote. The bill now goes to the Arizona Senate.

HB2250, sponsored by Speaker of the House Kirk Adams and 29 other Republican members, provides for a fairer tax structure and puts Arizona on equal footing with those states that have better weathered the current economic downturn.

Specifically, the Arizona Economic and Job Recovery bill addresses four key areas:

Job creation and training programs

Incentives to attract new base industry companies to Arizona

Tax relief for large and small businesses

Economic development programs

Not one Democratic House member voted for the legislation geared to attract new business to Arizona and help grow Arizona out of the worst fiscal crisis in the state’s history.

“This legislation comes at a critical time,” said House Speaker Kirk Adams. “We must broaden Arizona’s economic base and create jobs. That’s what the Arizona Economic and Job Recovery bill does. We urge our colleagues in the Senate to move speedily on the bill’s passage so we can get Arizona on the right track in creating jobs and building our economy now.”

In yesterday’s Appropriations hearing, House Democrats failed to present a budget alternative or solutions. “While site selectors are continuing to bypass Arizona because of our non-competitive tax structure and lack of highly-targeted economic development programs, Democrats continue to use class warfare while refusing to offer any budget solutions of their own,” said Rep. Steve Yarbrough.

According to Representative Steve Court, “This legislation is a great step in growing our way out of this budget crisis while creating higher wage jobs for Arizona citizens. We must improve our quality of living on an individual level for each Arizonan. This bill will increase economic output.”

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