Friday, January 29, 2010


Sam Crump, the first to announce for retiring Congressmen John Shadegg's seat, before the ink was even dry on Shadegg's announcement, has shown that he is ready for Congress by telling the Precinct Committeemen of Legislative District 6 who to support as a replacement in the Arizona Senate for Pam Gorman, who was to first of the "I Want to be in Congress" legislators to dump her responsibilities to the state of Arizona and resign.

It seems that Mr. Crump doesn't trust the Precinct Committeemen of his own district, who represent the Republicans in District 6, to be capable of deciding for themselves who should represent them in the Arizona Senate. In fact, he doesn't feel that anyone from the District 6 Republican Committee should represent the district.

Mr. Crump has decided that when it comes to representing conservative values and the people of District 6, if you are running for Congress, it's best to support someone who makes campaign contributions. Crump is therefore not supporting one of the District officers, (thank you for your hard work), not supporting a Member of the Republican State Committee, not even supporting a Republican Precinct Committeemen. No, Crump has decided to support someone who is unknown to the district committee, who never attended a district meeting, but she does make campaign contributions so she must be the best qualified, right? Or is that left?

Congressional wannabe Crump, who jumped over the Colorado River from California in 2002 to try his hand at Arizona politics after failing to win election to the California Assembly has decided that the best person to represent District 6 would be a person with very strong Libertarian roots, who supported ,five day Republican, Tony Bouie in 2008. You may remember that Bouie was also supported by the, "Wake Up Arizona Coalition" of greedy business people opposed to employer sanctions and Russell Pearce.

Campaign contributions can tell us a lot about what a person stands for. Take the case of Lori Klein, the person Crump is trying to get the Republicans in District 6 to support. After looking through the Secretary of State's Web Sit , I discovered that, thou she claims to be pro-life, she contributed to WISH LIST, (Women in the Senate and House), a pro-abortion group of Republican Women. Gee, now we know why Ms. Klein didn't attend the annual Arizona Right to Life March. Libertarians don't believe that the government should stop women from killing their children, only us nasty conservative Republicans want that.

Now, before we lowly grassroots people decide who to support for Congress, maybe the candidates should clarify their position on abortion before they get into that lifetime position we call Congress.

Thinking about it, maybe us grassroots people shouldn't be making decisions, after all, we all at one time supported these people who have no integrity or loyalty to anyone but themselves, who put their personal ambition first and we the people last.


  1. Lori Klein contributed $150 to Tony Bouie on 7/17/08 and $65 to WISH LIST (Women in Senate and House) on 9/10/04

  2. Makes you wonder, is Sam Crump the next John McCain

  3. Bob you were warned about Crump and Seel they are snakes and you are too trusting.

  4. Annonymous, Yes I propably am too trusting. While I was trying to keep a primary challenge from Seel, he was behind my back pushing this Klein person. I remember him making a big deal about someone running for District Chair who contributed to the WISH LIST, but it's OK for a WISH LIST supporter to become a State Senator.

    As for Crump, who I no longer support for Congress, lets just call him Crump the Sunk.

  5. Reagan Conservative

    I don't beleive it, why would crump and seel support a wish list candidate? I wont beleive it until I hear it from them

  6. Why not appoint Bouie if he has so much support? Afterall, Bob, you are a 'fan' of Bouie on his Facebook page...