Saturday, June 20, 2009

English is Our Unifying Language

Probably every language in the world is spoken is some American home and that's great as long as we all speak the same language outside the home.

Diversity is as American as apple pie and pizza pie, however, a nation needs unity as well as a tolerance of diversity to remain a nation united.

Language is an important unifying element to a nation and the unifying language for Americans is English. Patrick Henry gave his great "Give me liberty or give me death speech in English." Our Declaration of Independence as a nation was written in English. Our basic law, the Constitution, is written in English. Every American head of state, the president, has addressed the nation in English, and Lincoln gave his great appeal for national unity, the Gettysburg Address, in English, therefore, English has been and should remain, our national unifying language and the time has come to make English the official national language of the United States of America.

For God and country,
Bob Haran,

American Conservative Republican

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