Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama Cutting Criminal Aliens Lose

From Bay Buchanan,
Team America PAC

Dear Friend,

Barack Obama is putting illegal aliens ahead of Americans again!! First, he demands amnesty for millions of undocumented students with the DREAM Act and now he wants to gut the federal fund program that allows local law enforcement to keep illegal criminals behind bars until ICE picks them up.

Within his outrageously irresponsible $3.4 trillion dollar budget Obama has targeted The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program-a $400 million program to keep Americans safe! Every one of these dollars keeps proven criminals off our streets and Obama wants it eliminated!! Even the liberal Senator Diane Feinstein knows better-she wants it increased!

This is a program Obama supported when he was planning his presidential run-he knew it was what the voters would want him to do. But now that he has taken possession of the throne he wants to gut it!

I was talking to Mayor Lou Barletta the other day and he said after he passed those tough immigration regulations in Hazelton, PA and illegal population headed elsewhere crime in his city dropped forty percent. The same is true of Prince William County in Virginia. Once the tough illegal immigration policy was in place crime dropped 37 percent.

Obama's policy will force local enforcement agencies to put known illegal criminals back on the street! Crime will climb and once again Americans will pay dearly for the failed policies of Washington.

The president is requesting $27 billion for border security and $112 million to fund E-Verify. This is great news-but he opposes a border fence and has backed off workplace raids which had begun to be enormously effective. He just can't bring himself to enforce the law against those here illegally-even those behind bars!!

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