Saturday, May 23, 2009


Politico Mafioso bloger Jeff Vath, who on Wednesday, May 20, published a long rant attacking Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen, accusing him of creative accounting and insinuating racism, now claims he didn't write the post, Ghost did - unlike Vath, we can't make this stuff up.

Vath, a die-hard McCain supporter and operative, who is notorious for throwing dirt and running vicious smear campaigns against conservative Republicans, which are rarely supported by facts, found himself mentioned in the Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet, "Jeff Vath, an LD-6 Republican, put out a hit on Pullen today on Political Mafioso, accusing him of creative accounting with the state party's books to include illegal "earmarking and spending" to fund a TV ad."

On Friday, Vath responded to the Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet report with a post titled, "Hey Phil....Reading is Fundamental!!!" The title was followed by an attack on Phil Risk, "We are going to send the 'READING IS FUNDAMENTAL' Learn to Read Program to award winning AZ Capitol Times reporter PHIL RISKE since he seems to be have a 'reading comprehension' problem."

Vath then claims that he didn't write the post that was published in his blog, the Ghost wrote it.

Vath, or whomever is writing his blog said,
"The Ghost" is one of the 'premiere' Investigative Bloggers in Arizona. Everything posted in the article is backed up with links. I stand with "The Ghost" as I do all the Politico Mafioso Team! After nearly 4 years & 4,023 posts (including this one), our readers know I am NOT a writer. I started this Blog to protect my friends from the 'Evil Ones' that infest the local Republican Party. I enjoy finding funny photos to post rather than writing articles."

The words "Evil Ones," Vath referred to were hyper-linked to the "Gila Courier" and "Seeing Red Arizona," two well respected political blogs. Mr. Vath may enjoy posting funny photo's rather then writing articles, his "Ghost" however, seems to take great delight in destroying the good name of conservative Republicans, especially those who are not hard core McCain supporters or who support employer sanctions.

The American Conservative Republican, (ACR), would like to contact Mr. or Ms. Ghost for a comment, but his/her number seems to be unlisted.

Vath or Ghost or whoever wrote the post published in his blog, then claimed that he didn't post some funny photo's of the Arizona Republican Party Executive Director, Brett Mecum, having fun at a Halloween party, he just linked to them. All hair-splitting aside, the photo's were merely an oblique attempt to further smear the Arizona GOP chairman by attacking the party executive director.

A statement by Vath was then directed at the state party chairman, "If Mr. Pullen doesn't like what was posted, we will give him the opportunity to answer in his own words, ------- NO Editing or DELETING like some of the other blogs." The words NO and DELETING were hyper-linked to the Sonoran Alliance and Seeing Red blogs.

I would advise our party chairman not to reply to Vath's invitation, he asked me to write an endorsement once of Arizona House candidate Carl Seel during the primary. Vath didn't edit or delete what I wrote, he just posted it under a photo taken of me having some fun at a New Year's Eve party and under the title, "Far Right Wacko Racist McCain Hater Bob Haran Endorsed Con-Man Carl Seel." For the record, I'm not a racist or McCain hater, however, far right and wacko are open to interpretation.

After attacking; The Arizona Capitol Times, Phil Riske, The Gila Courier, Seeing Red Arizona, Randy Pullen, Brett Mecum, the Arizona Republican Party and, the Sonoran Alliance, Vath again attempts to smear me with the following,

"In a related story, we received a story from another Blogger by the name of BOB HARAN, who is also the 2nd Vice-Chairman of LD-6.
Haran, who we have profiled before, has made a career of bashing political folks who don't agree with him, including Congressman John Shadegg, who just 6 short months ago endorsed him for the 2nd Vice position. But Haran now wrote a 'scathing' article chastizing Shadegg called:

By Bob Haran, American Conservative Republican (great way to thank the Congressman Mr. Haran)"

The misspelling of the word "chastising" above is by Vath and his "Politico Mafioso" and not the ACR and the words "profiled before" are hyper-linked to a photo of Dustin Hoffman from the movie, "Rain Man," under the caption, "this is Bob Haran," the other photo is the aforementioned one taken of me during a New Years Eve party.

The scathing article "chastizing" Congressman John Shadegg that Vath mentioned can be easily accessed by going to the ACR archive for April 17, 2009, I stand by the accuracy of the article, it was written by me and not a "ghost writer."

It is true that Congressmen Shadegg endorsed me for Republican Second Vice Chairman of Legislative District 6, an endorsement however does not exempt any public official from criticism or restrain me from exercising my First Amendment Rights under the United States Constitution. Mr. Vath may disagree, but I believe my congressmen works for me and not the other way around.

Vath ends his post by giving me an award, (which I have displayed at the top of this page), "The First Annual Moran Award," for being the most popular student in the sixth grade.... for five straight years!

I'm deeply honored with receiving the award from "Politico Mafioso," I don't appreciate Vath "chastizing" me however for telling the truth on him and his ghost writer.

For the record, The American Conservative Republican believes in God and country, but we don't believe in Ghost.

For the good of the party,

Bob Haran,
American Conservative Republican


  1. Thanks Bob for shining the light on Jeff Vath. It’s about time someone held him accountable. I have enjoyed your Blog from the beginning and vote often on “BlogNetNews”. Keep up the good work.

    Shelly Hammerslag

  2. I don't believe in ghost, but I think the ghost in this ghost story is Jeff Vath.


  3. Good for you my friend,FF

  4. Jeff Vath is a fool, Ghost and Vath are the same, the writing is the same. No one reads his stupid blog anyway Bob, Vath is just a jerk.


  5. Speaking of awards...Wasn't Jeff Vath awarded Most Overweight Man in Arizona back in his 700 pounder days? The guy's weight was a big pop-journalism news story and completely "profiled" on News 3. Is this the same clown?

  6. Speaking of awards...Wasn't Jeff Vath awarded Most Overweight Man in Arizona a couple years ago? The guy's weight was a big pop-journalism news story and completely "profiled" on News 3. Is this the same clown?

  7. National Committeeman, Bruce Ash, along with famous Arizona blogger, Rachel Alexander, and John Shadegg's former Chief of Staff, Sean Noble are huge Jeff Vath fans. They have such a high opinion of this author who admits he can't write that they openly put articles on his site touting their latest Unity Slate loser. Their leading democrat, John McCain, is right at home with the gossip non-columnist Jeff Vath. Bruce Ash, Rachel Alexander, Sean Noble, Lisa James, Jerry Brooks, Tony Bouie are Jeff Vath devotees. It's simple. If you agree the pursuit of profits for a handful of campaign donating outlaw employers is more important than national security and sovereignty, you qualify for the John McCain/Bruce Ash/Jeff Vath/Sean Noble