Wednesday, May 20, 2009

McCain Hit Man Targets Pullen

Jeff Vath (the one in the picture with breasts), AKA "Fat Boy", has viciously attacked Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen in his blog, Political Mafioso.
In a multi-colored, garish post, the McCain sycophant, who has obviously overindulged in the McCain Kool-Aid, goes on a long rant against the Arizona GOP chairman with multi, unfounded accusations and lies.

Vath is a Republican Precinct Committeemen and die hard John McCain worshipper who counts among his friends two time loser for state chairman, Lisa James, and her husband, Wake Up Arizona Coalition member and employer sanctions opponent, Gordon James.

The Wake Up Arizona Coalition is a group that has taken the extreme vow to defeat any legislator or candidate who supports sanctions against employers who illegally hire undocumented workers. Randy Pullen is one of those who supports enforcement of our immigration laws, including employer sanctions.

He also counts among his Republican friends on Facebook, Arizona Corporation Commissioner and former campaign aid and staff member to Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano, Kris Mayes. In addition, the notorious Nathan Spruol, who was the director of a vicious character assassination campaign against Arizona Senator Russell Pearce, the author of Arizona's Employer Sanctions Law is a friend of Vath.

Also listed as a friend of Vath are professional illegal immigrant advocate and hater of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Daniel Ortega.

Vath also lists among his friends, Democratic-Socialist and self proclaimed bi-sexual, Arizona Representative Kyrstin Sinema, along with Democrats Terry Goddard and Paul Newman, (not the actor - the Arizona politician).

Obviously Jeff Vath is far from being a loyal Republican, in fact, becoming a RINO would be a step up for him.

I don't know where Vath gets his information, the word attribution seems to have no meaning to the overindulgent author of the McCain followers', Political Mafioso.

I don't know why, maybe it's because he's such a blind follower of McCain, but Vath has extreme hostility toward anyone who ever dared to disagree with Arizona's senior senator. It seems as thou Vath would prefer that everyone in the GOP act like sheep and blindly fellow, as he does.

Thankfully, Arizona Republicans are not followers and don't like Kola-Aid, they twice went against McCain and certain members of the GOP congressional delegation and defeated, Ms. James, and elected Randy Pullen as their state chairman.

Unfortunately for the Arizona Republican party, some members of the delegation are like children and when they don't get their way they throw a tantrum. McCain, and therefore his followers, didn't want Pullen and they didn't care what the grassroots of the party wanted, they wanted Pullen out and James in. They didn't get who they wanted as chairman and therefore went to war against the Arizona Republican Party.

This disrespect for the will of the majority of the Republican grassroots in Arizona by McCain and his gang has caused a great deal of friction between the Arizona Republican congressional delegation, with the exception of Trent Franks, and the Arizona Republican Party.

Congressman John Shadegg recently went so far as to first advise people not to get involved with the party because of what he described as poor leadership at the state and county level and then reversed himself and asked that people get involved to turn out the current leadership.

The disagreement between the grassroots, who Pullen represents, and the delegation is centered on the illegal immigration issue. A disconnect has developed between the grassroots of the party and those who have been in Washington too long. The grassroots of the party, and the majority of the people of Arizona, demanded that illegal immigration be controlled and the enforcement of all our immigration laws. Our Washington politicians came back and told us the solution to illegal immigration was a guest worker program and making those here illegally, legally here, but don't call it an amnesty, call it a path to citizenship.

They obviously were more concerned with providing cheap labor for their big dollar campaign contributors and pandering to the growing Hispanic vote, than defending American sovereignty. Our cheap, pandering, Washington politicians put party before country and politics before principle and instead of listening to the people, they told us that we were all racist for opposing illegal immigration.

Interestingly, McCain, members of the Arizona delegation, and many of the elected officials who supported Lisa James for state chairman had also received campaign contributions from members of the anti - employer sanctions group, the Wake Up Arizona Coalition.

Near the end of Vath's long rant against Pullen he writes, "The people of Arizona have lived through this long enough - now Pullen is attempting to bring his brand of the Wild West to D.C. and the RNC. The guy is a liability to the future of the Republican Party."

Randy Pullen is not a liability to the party, he represents the grassroots of the party, he represents the heart and soul of the GOP.

Pullen has worked for party unity from the day he was first elected by the party as their chairman. Pullen loyally supported John McCain, the GOP nominee for president, often being criticized by some in the conservative wing for doing so. In fact, since Pullen became state chairman, I can't remember him ever saying anything negative about McCain.

No, Pullen is not a liability to the future of the Republican Party, U.S. Senators who miss more then half of the votes in the senate may be a liability, overly ambitious Washington politicians who forget that they work for us and not the other way around may be a liability, Republican Members of Congress who attack the party leadership may be a liability, and overstuffed bloggers who viciously attack all who they disagree with may be a liability to the future of the Republican Party, but those that work for unity and represent the Republican grassroots will never be a liability to the future of our party.

For God and country,
Bob Haran,
American Conservative Republican

PS, to those who might object to my reference to Mr. Vath's obesity, I don't care, he has no problem viciously ridiculing others, he does it all the time, he has done it to me, let him have a taste of his own medicine. Jeff Vath is a coward and undeserving of any respect.


  1. Bob

    Don't you dare say that you ridiculed someone in the name of God. Remove one or the other. Nasty, vitriolic polemics (look it up) are not the works of someone who is grateful to have been saved by God.

    I also think that you need to learn the difference between facebook friends and real friends.

  2. Wow, Anonymous; I'm not ridiculing anyone in the name of God, I'm not authorized to do that, but I will exercise my First Amendment right to ridicule a fool like Jeff Vath in my own name.

  3. Anon, Bob Haran has NO real friends or Facebook friends, so he wouldn't know the difference.

  4. We live in America say what you feel is right.