Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Ich bin ein Arizonan"

"Ich bin ein Arizonan"

A comment from one of our readers to the post, "Proud to be an Arizonan," was so good, I decided to make it a post by itself.

Carl A. Voigtsberger said...

To all Arizonans: I WAS one of the silent majority, but no longer. I support wholeheartedly your new immigration law and the lawful enforcement of that Law. Congradulations to your Governor. She has Guts. Remember when JFK said in Berlin that " He was a Berliner" to show the world that he supported Berliners. Well, "Ich bin ein Arizonan". Every state in the union should be supporting Arizona.

Thanks for being first.

Carl A. Voigtsberger,

Cheyenne, Wyoming

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