Monday, April 5, 2010


By Bob Haran;
American Conservative Republican and
Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran.

Joel David Schecter, AKA, J.D. "DUKE" Schecter, of Tucson, seems to want to be what he is not, an American war hero. Schecter also wants to be a member of the Arizona Senate from LD 27. The DUKE has a problem however, he is trying to become an Arizona Senator by stealing the valor or the respected symbols of valor, of those who earned those symbols with their blood and many times with their life.

A group dedicated to exposing military fakes, "The P.O.W. Network," has added Schecter to its Hall of Shame because he claimed to have earned a Silver Star and five Purple Heart medals as a combat Marine Sergeant in Vietnam.

Military records obtained by the Arizona Daily Star under the Freedom of Information Act indicate that Schecter did serve as a Marine in Vietnam as a helicopter electrician, however, he never earned a Silver Star or any Purple Hearts and that he was discharged from active duty as a Lance Corporal, not a Sergeant.

For those unfamiliar with the military, ever decoration, badge, stripe, button and the uniform itself, worn by our soldiers, sailors, Marines, airman and Coast Guardsmen has been earned. Over a million Americans have died in the service of our country wearing those uniforms and only a small number of those have had their service recognized with decorations such as the Silver Star. In fact, those that have earned the right to wear such decorations, including those awarded with the Medal of Honor, will tell you that they wear their medals in recognition of those who went unrecognized for their bravery. The wearing of unearned military decorations therefore is one of the lowest and dishonorable things an individual could possibly do.

Bogus claims to American military awards for heroism are so serious, it is a federal offense under the Stolen Valor Act of 2007.

According to the Arizona Daily Star report,, Michael Davis, a retired Marine Corps First Sergeant from Oklahoma, reported Schecter to the Phoenix office of the FBI. Hopefully, the DUKE, will be wearing some addition medals in the near future, around his wrists.

The American Conservative Republican prays that Mr. Schecter is never elected to any public office, having the title "The Honorable" before his name would be obscene. ACR would also recommend that the Arizona Legislature pass an Arizona version of the Stolen Valor Act out of respect for those who are now and those who have in the past, Gave Their All.

For God and country,

Bob Haran

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  1. Don Waldren If this is true, shame on this foul loathsome man! Particularly from a Marine! If these allegations are proven true, I say he deserves no less than jail time! That's just my personal opinion, not necessarily based in any type of legal precedence, just what I would personally like to see happen to people who do this type of thing.