Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brewer Best Republican To Beat Goddard.

Recent polls numbers released April 27 from Public Policy Polling show that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is not only the leading candidate for the GOP nomination but she is also the strongest Republican candidate to run against the presumptive Democrat Party nominee, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard.

In match-ups between Goddard and each of the leading GOP contenders, Brewer polled 44% to 47% for Goddard. Mills, Martin and, Munger were all far behind Goddard in the poll.

Poll results show Buz Mills, who has spent over $1.2 million on TV ads, trailing Goddard 37% to 45%, followed by Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin who trailed Goddard 36% to 47%. In last place against Goddard is John Munger, who polled 31% to 46% for Goddard.

The Public Policy Poll showed Brewer favored by 73% of Republicans. With the support of over two-thirds and close to three-fourths of Republicans, it's fair to say that Jan Brewer is now the presumptive Republican nominee for governor in 2010.

It may be time for Mills, Martin and, Munger to gracefully bow out of the race and support the conservative Republican with the best change of keeping the Ninth floor in Republican hands, our Governor, Jan Brewer.

Further division within the GOP will only help turn the governor's office over to Goddard and the liberal Democrats.

Bob Haran,
American Conservative Republican.


  1. You know what I like about Brewer, you always know where she stands on the issues, not so withthe three other clowns.

    Charles Morgan

  2. Brewer has been scrambling to recast herself as a conservative since the sales tax disaster. No sale here or with other consevative PCs.

  3. I was pleasently surprized that Gov. Brewer did not cave to political pressure, and signed 1070.
    If she supports Sheriff Joe's enforcement efforts, She will have my vote. Manny who are here illegally will leave on there own. Manny new border crossers will avoid Arizona.