Tuesday, February 2, 2010



By Bob Haran;

Is the Lori Klein, the mystery candidate for the Arizona Senate from District 6 pro-life or pro-abortion? I have no way of reading her heart or mind so I can only go on the facts.

Many of Ms Kleins supporters, anonymously of course, have accused me of telling lies about Lori Klein. No lies have been told about Ms. Klein, only the facts have been reported. As Harry Truman said, "I just tell the truth on them and they think it is hell."

These are the facts concerning Lori Klein regarding the issue of abortion.

According to Schedule C2 - Individual contributors of the Post-Primary Election Report covering 8/19/2004 to 9/27/2004 for WISH LIST, The (Women in the Senate and House) on page for a Lori Klein, Address: ( I will not publish her home address) same address as the Lori Klein candidate LD 6, Anthem, AZ 85086, Occupation: CONSULTANT,SELF on 9/10/2004 contributed $65.00 to WISH LIST.

Those of you from district 6 might remember some years back, around 2004, a candidate for district chairman was eviscerated by some of the same people now supporting Lori Klein, such as Dean Martin, for making a contribution to WISH LIST, the only difference was that candidate didn't claim that she didn't know WISH LIST was a pro-abortion fund to elect pro-abortion Republican women.

FACT 2, WISH LIST is a well known pro-abortion group, at least by those of us in the pro-life community and the Republican party. There Mission, according to their web site http://www.thewishlist.org/ is,

OUR MISSION "The WISH LIST raises funds to identify, support and elect pro-choice Republican women at all levels of government - local, state and national."

There Vision is, also according to the WISH LIST web site,

OUR VISION for the 21st Century, "Our vision is to create a powerful force of Political Partners whose financial support ensures the continuous election of pro-choice Republican women to positions at all levels of government across America."

Now Ms Klein with over 30 years political fund raising and consulting experience claims she didn't know WISH LIST was a pro-abortion organization, somehow she got it mixed up with the charitable Make a wish foundation.

Ms. Klein, my job with the New York City Police Department was to interview crime victims and to try to ascertain the truth, frankly, your explanation of why you made your contribution to WISH LIST is like a deer in the headlights. Just like the auto theft suspect caught driving a stolen vehicle and when asked where he got the car claims he bought it from some guy named Mike and he doesn't know where Mike lives or works or his phone number. Your story is a deer in the head lights story. After 30 years in politics, you didn't know WISH LIST was a pro-abortion group, I find that incredulous. You would be better off to tell the truth or remain silent, anything you say may be used against you in the court of public opinion.

Its interesting that thou Ms. Klein claims to be pro-life and is a big contributor to political causes, there is no record of her ever giving a penny to Arizona Right to Life.

Lori Klein shouldn't worry however, her supporters will not let the truth get in the way of their support.

PS. When the American Conservative Republican does publish wrong information we will not hide the fact but will readily admit to our mistake on line. There are no errors in the post, only people that can't handle the truth.


  1. Very good Bob, you made your case, Klein is or was pro-choice and not to be trusted.

  2. Linda H,

    If she gave money to wish list she must be pro-choice, why else would she give them money.

  3. Helaine Chersonsky
    I don't understand WHO the pro-abortion Senate candidate is; is it Dave Braswell, or who. You did not make this connection clear; it may have been clear in your mind when you wrote the posting, but it's not clear to those of us (me) who received it. Thank you.

  4. Bob Haran,

    That is the question, is Lori Klein pro-life or pro-abortion? I'm fairly certain Dave Braswell is pro-life, he is a Christian. B

    Tom B from Alaska called, will be in Arizona in mid Febuary.

  5. Helaine Chersonsky
    Oh, I get it; the proabortion Senate candidate is/was Lori Klein. Sorry, I didn't read the other posting.

  6. The above comment was deleted because it contains information that can not be verified regarding Ms. Klein. Any statement regarding any individual's position on an issue must have some foundation. We have no information where Ms. Kleins stands on gay marriage one way or the other.

  7. Lori Klein is shilling for the Koch brothers. Way down at the bottom of her website she says she is pro-life, but her main issue seems to be the "fair tax" which is primarily "fair" to capitalists (like the Kochs) -- not consumers.

    That said, we have the same opinion of her-- not to be trusted.