Thursday, February 18, 2010

AZ SEN Candidate DUI confirmed.

By Bob Haran,
American Conservative Republican

A rumor that Arizona Senate hopeful Lori Klein of LD 6 had a DUI arrest has been circulating in political circles for the past couple of weeks but not confirmed and therefore not published by the American Conservative Republican (ACR) until now.

Last week an anonymous comment to ACR claimed, "Klein has a DUI," the following link was also provided,

This link is for Maricopa County, Justice Court Case History and included the names of 9 parties named Lori Klein. Of the 9 parties named Lori Klein, two had a date of birth in 1970, five had DOB: N/A, and two had the exact DOB as the Lori Klein who was nominated by Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin and endorsed by CD 3 congressional candidate Sam Crump and LD 6 Representative Carl Seel to fill the vacancy in the Arizona Senate caused by the resignation of Pam Gorman, who is also a candidate for congress from CD 3.

The information that was available via the internet did not include the specific charges or the disposition of the case, but it did provide the case number, case type and which justice court adjudicated the case. One case was classified "Criminal Traffic" and the other as "Civil Traffic." I decided to investigate the Criminal Traffic, adjudicated at Dreamy Drew Justice Court, Case Number TR2008-162210.

After obtaining a copy of the court records for case number TR2008-162210, In the Matter of State of Arizona V. Lori Agnes Klein, it was verified that Ms. Klein was arrested on 10/02/2008 and charged with violating: ARS 28-701.02A3, (EXCEED 85 MPH); ARS 28-1381A1, (DUI-LIQUOR/DRUGS/VAPORS/COMBO); ARS 28-1381A2, (DUI W/BAC OF .08 OR MORE). Court records indicate that the first two charges against Ms. Klein, who was represented by former Arizona Representative David Burnell Smith, were dismissed but a plea of guilty was entered for the last charge of DUI W/BAC OF .08 OR MORE.

Court records indicate that Ms. Klein was sentenced to: 3 years probation; 1 day in jail, which was served in the Town of Paradise Valley Jail on 8/17/09; Alcohol Education, which was completed on 10/28/2009 with DUI Education, Treatment & Counseling with Court Support Services; Ignition Interlock Device per MVD order and; Penalty Fees totaling $1,460.00, which was paid on 8/10/2009.

Klein was one of the three individuals, along with Dave Braswell and myself, nominated by the Legislative District 6 Republican Committee on February 1st to fill the vacancy in the Arizona Senate caused by Gorman's resignation. Braswell was selected by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors as Gorman's replacement.

Prior to her being nominated with the strong support of Sam Crump, Representative Carl Seel, and Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin, who is a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor, it was discovered that Ms. Klein had contributed money to the pro-abortion WISH list.

Klein, who is not a precinct committeemen, has indicated that she will be a candidate for the Republican nomination for the Arizona Senate in 2010 from LD 6.

Senator Dave Braswell has indicated that he will also run for a full term in 2010 and newly appointed Representative Amanda Reeve along with LD 6 Precinct Committeemen Steve Kaiser, who were both nominated by the LD 6 precinct committeemen to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. Crump's resignation from the Arizona House, have indicated that they will be running for the two Arizona House seats from District 6 in 2010.

Why Martin, Crump, Seel and others are supporting Klein is unclear.


  1. Rumor has it Klein will be doing some jail time once the pending case is finished.

  2. To anonymous;

    From the information I have from court records, she was sentenced to only one day in jail, which she has already served and 3 years probation, alcohol education,Ignition Interlock Device. Case Status per court record is "Adjudicated," therefore the case is finished and no more jail time is indicated.