Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama's Sleight of Hand

Obama's Sleight of Hand
by Helaine Chersonsky
Why is President Obama so quick to pass a healthcare bill he hasn't read. Could the prospect of controlling one-sixth or 17 percent of the American economy have unduly influenced him to put his political capital on the line? Obama admitted in his most recent press conference on healthcare that he has not read the house or senate bill working its way through Congress. Why hasn't he read something that is seemingly so important to him? Could he be lying about not reading the healthcare bills? Or does he just not want the media and voters to really understand what is in the oft-promoted bill? Matters of keeping your own healthcare policy that you may be satisfied are discussed on page 16. What seems to be happening in the healthcare bill is that maybe you can keep your healthcare that you currently have, but you may not change it in any way and if you change any part of your employment (being mindful of the constant fluidity of the job market), your only option is to opt into government care. Hopefully, if you are elderly or really sick or in need of surgery you won't be advised to "just take a pain pill" and get "hospice or end of life counseling" both options that Obama wants to make available because to him end of life issues are just too expensive.

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  1. He doesn't read it. That is certain. The people who pass it don't read it, they only write their own chapter and don't care what the other chapters say (unless the other chapter was written by a Republican.) He admits not reading it because he doesn't wany anyone else to be inclined to read it. If the most powerful man on earth doesn't do it, people in this country respect the position to the point where its fine with them. "He must know what he is doing, he got elected" is the mindset the American public (the majority, you know, the 99.99999 percent who don't read bills anyway).