Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Historic Pro-Life Legislation Signed into Law.

From Arizona right to Life.

Governor Brewer Signs Most Pro-Life Legislation in Arizona History

Phoenix, AZ - July 14, 2009 - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer made history late Monday after signing into law the most pro-life legislation ever passed in the state.

The laws take effect on October 12th, following the 90-day constitutional grace period.

HB2400 "Partial Birth Abortion Ban" -- Bans the gruesome practice of killing a baby while he/she is only partially delivered.

Primary Sponsor: Rep. Nancy Barto

HB2564 "Abortion Consent Act" -- Establishes informed consent rights of a woman considering an abortion, requires notarized parental notification for minors to obtain a legal abortion, and protects rights of conscience for healthcare professionals not participating in abortion.

Primary Sponsor: Rep. Nancy Barto

SB1175 "Prohibition of abortions performed by non-physicians" -- Bans anyone who is not a licensed physician from performing abortions.

Primary Sponsor: Rep. Nancy Barto

HB2616 "Jesse's Law, Part 2" -- Protects a patient while any legal issues are being resolved in lieu of an Advanced Medical Directive.

Primary Sponsor: Rep. Rick Murphy

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