Tuesday, June 22, 2010


From the Phoenix Business Journal,
by Mike Sunnucks

Brewer gets 61 percent in a 700-person poll of GOP voters by Rasmussen Reports.
Businessman Buz Mills gets 16 percent and State Treasurer Dean Martin 12 percent in the statewide poll, which was conducted June 16.

The poll shows Republican voters like Brewer’s hard-line stance on immigration including the new state law that gives police more power to question suspected illegal immigrants.

The Rasmussen poll shows 89 percent of Arizona Republicans support the new law. Another 65 percent say it will be good for the state’s economy and 62 percent say it will help Arizona’s image. Supporters of the immigration law say it will reduce crime and the costs of illegal immigration. Brewer signed the law in April and it has catapulted her as the standard bearer for get-tough immigration policies in the state. It’s also helped her popularity with primary voters.
Critics of the bill say it will lead to police racially profiling Hispanics, and that it sends a negative image about the state.
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Comment from American Conservative Republican;

Time for Mills to stop wasting his money and Martin to get a real job.

In the short time that she has been Governor, Brewer has done more then past Arizona governors have done in one or two full terms in office.

Others may talk about doing this and that when they are elected, Brewer makes things happen. She has reduced the size of state government by making unpopular budget cuts and state employee layoffs and also had the political courage to ask the people to help Arizona with a one penny sales tax. Sadly, Mills, Martin, and many other Republicans did not trust the people to make this decision and were unwilling to give a penny for Arizona.

Others may talk tough on illegal immigration, Brewer takes action. Against threats and protests, she signed SB 1070 and did the job the Feds won't do.

Governor Brewer is the most dedicated Pro-Life governor in Arizona history. She has Signed; HB2400the "Partial Birth Abortion Ban," Signed HB2564 the "Abortion Informed Consent Act," Signed SB1175 "Prohibition of abortions performed by non-physicians," and Signed HB2616 "Jesse's Law Part 2," which protects a patient while any legal issues are being resolved in lieu of an Advanced Medical Directive.

While Jan Brewer was defending the right to life, Dean Martin nominated Lori Klein, a Pro-Choice Wish List contributor and convicted DUI to fill a vacancy in the Arizona Senate from LD 6.

Brewer supported traditional marriage by prohibiting unmarried domestic partners of state employees from receiving state employee benefits.

Buz Mills may be a big contributor to the NRA but Brewer protected the Second Amendment rights of Arizonans by expanding gun owners rights to carry firearms.

This is not the time to oppose a good, strong, conservative, Republican governor with the guts to govern, this is the time to unite behind Jan Brewer and help her advance the conservative Republican philosophy of less government, the Right to Life, immigration control, family values and secure the right to bear arms.

This is time for all conservative Republicans to support our governor, Jan Brewer.

Bob Haran,
American Conservative Republican

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