Thursday, March 4, 2010

Investigation of Dean Martin called for

According to gubernatorial candidate Steven Slaton, at the February 27th 2010, Cobre Valley Republican Club's Lincoln Day Dinner in Globe, Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin, who is a candidate for governor, said he saved the State of Arizona millions upon millions of dollars by not reported the revenue collected to then Governor Janet Napolitano back in 2007. Slaton claims that Martin said that he informed his staff to withhold deposit so that the governor would not know how much money came into the treasury, thus stopping her from spending it!

Andrei Cherny, a former Arizona criminal prosecutor and candidate for state treasurer said, "This is a very serious accusation that should rise above political sparring." Cherny explained that if Martin did "cook the state's books," it would not only be an illegal act of fraud, but also a violation of his constitutional oath of office.

"Only a timely investigation can show what Treasurer Martin said and did. The billions of dollars managed by the State Treasurer are the people's money and they have the right to know what is going on," Cherny said.

Cherny has called on the Fraud and Public Corruption Unit of the Criminal Division of the Attorney General's Office to open an investigation into whether Martin did indeed make that statement and did indeed fail to report state revenue.


  1. I think it is fair to point out that not only did Martin NOT say that (I was there, I would know). But Bob Haran (publisher) of this story has a deep rooted, well documented, malicious hatred for Martin (who supported a candidate Haran did not support) in LD 6 (who ended up winning that particular election a few yrs back) spanning several years. It may also be useful to consider the fact that Haran has gained a reputation in recent years for being unstable... Or, more pointedly, a pathological liar with a touch of crazy mixed in.

    All things w/a grain of salt f/this guy.

  2. Ok, first off... Slaton is a tin hat wearing freak with a seriously bad relationship with the truth on many fronts. Second, I was at that event. Martin said no such thing. Martin was speaking of the days when the Republican legislature had successfully crafted a budget to create a rainy day fund for the state that slipped past Jan Nappy's veto pen... Something MANY legislators in AZ are VERY PROUD of helping to do and will be glad to tell anyone about it at length if only one should ask. If Slaton was fit to be governor to begin with, he would have known that and how it all went down. It is no secret.

    Slaton is thankfully gone from this race. The man was an imbecile (and just plain crazy). He successfully made up all kinds of nonsense to slander a candidate who actually has a chance and is the only GOP contender which has polled higher than Goddard in a hypothetical match-up.... Thanks, Jerk! It's not about "rallying" behind whoever wins the primary. It's about picking the right horse that is actually CAPABLE of winning the general.

    Now, you want to talk about fraud? Google "Buz Mills Fraud" and let me know what you think.