Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last March I proposed to the Arizona Legislature a comprehensive, multi-year solution to address our massive state budget deficit. But many of the important components of that plan have yet to be adopted by the Legislature. This year I have implemented the largest state budget reductions ever in our state’s history. Further budget reductions will certainly be necessary, but much more work remains to rescue the finances of our state. Reality about the depth of this deficit and fiscal crisis must set in.

We, who have taken an oath to steer this Arizona ship, cannot now refuse to take the helm. Arizonans expect us to do our duty. That’s what they deserve. They are entitled to our very best – our courage to confront difficulties in the pursuit of solutions, not political points or partisan gamesmanship. The time has come to put aside temptations to run from what this moment in Arizona history demands of us. The time has come to place our hands on the wheel and do what we all know is right.

As Governor, I ask that we confront our financial plight with the strength of a united purpose. That is our commitment to Arizona. Let us fulfill it.

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