Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brewer Honored with Achievement Award

Brewer Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
By Helaine Chersonsky
Congratulations and kudos to Governor Jan Brewer, who will receive the 2009 John F. Long Lifetime Achievement Award on November 5 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa. The Phoenix Business Journal described the award being given to the governor in spite of the recent “nail-biting legislative session.” As I see it, the award is actually an acknowledgment of Governor Brewer’s political courage in the face of the U.S. tanked economy and the reality of lower revenues for states because of the on-going recession-depression.
Governor Brewer has always displayed a combination of political courage and common sense as she has served the state of Arizona in her capacity as Arizona’s Secretary of State. I want to remind the citizens of Arizona about the financial debacle former governor Janet Napolitano left the state of Arizona in when she became head of the Department of Homeland Security under our “dear leader” President Barack Obama.
Napolitano’s spending spree during her years as governor put the state of Arizona on a deficit footing with increased expenditures for the state on a three-year average of 13.25 percent (these figures are taken from the Arizona 10-year budget history from 2000 to 2009). Napolitano was also warned by the treasurer about the budget-busting expenditures. Think about one of Napolitano’s pet projects: day care for children under five years old; now think about how much that one little item cost per year and you will have a small idea of Arizona’s budget deficit and the reason for the budget deficit in 2009.

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