Friday, September 4, 2009


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today signed some budget bills to keep state government alive and line-item vetoed others with school funding cuts.

$250 million property tax repeal vetoed, casualty of refusal by a few extremist senators to allow voters to decide question of one cent temporary sales tax increase.

Source, Eye on the 9th Floor.

Good afternoon.

Today I have approved a number of budget bills that will allow state government to continue important operations -- and I have vetoed legislation that needs additional work and compromise.

Just as I said last March – I will NOT give up on the future of our State. I will NOT give up on education, I will NOT give up on the fight for our most vulnerable citizens -- and I will NOT allow the state we all love to fall into the abyss of bankruptcy.

The voters of Arizona don’t want me to give up, and I WILL NOT give up on them.

Right now, Arizona faces a roughly $4 billion deficit. We are spending roughly $11 billion, and we are bringing in roughly $7 billion.

So what can we all do – in addition to my actions today -- to solve this historic problem?

This fall and in the next regular session of the Legislature, legislative leaders and I must work to break the stranglehold that a handful of Republican and Democratic EXTREMISTS have on the Arizona legislature.

We cannot cut our way out of this problem. We cannot tax our way out of this problem. BOTH solutions will be necessary to resolve this crisis, and doing both will take incredible political courage and compromise.

This is a NOT a political game. It is gravely serious. It is a time to set aside political agendas, or personal campaign agendas, and -- for once -- place our State ahead of the tired and uncivil politics of the most extreme in both Parties.

46 Republicans, all but an extreme few, have now courageously trusted the voters on the issue of a temporary one-cent sales tax.

I have always trusted the voters during my 27 years as an elected official, and 46 Republicans have demonstrated – SO DO THEY!

Whether it is now -- or whether it is in the next several weeks -- the handful of extremists on the fringes of the Legislature will see the deeper and more painful cuts that will be necessary because of their delays on resolving the state deficit. Every month that goes by only makes the deficit and the pain more severe.

My actions today -- and the clean-up bill I have proposed -- will allow our State to weather the storm at least until the next regular session of the Legislature.

Until then, the voters of this State can be confident that we will continue to prioritize education, public safety, and protect our state’s most vulnerable.

Let me reiterate once more: I am NOT giving up, I am NOT surrendering, I am NOT abandoning what the people of Arizona want me to do. I am doing what is right, and I believe they know that.

I would be happy to answer a few questions…


  1. 70 percent of voters oppose tax increase. 88 percent of Republicans oppose tax increase. 78 percent of independents oppose tax increase. even 48 percent of Democrats oppose tax increase. And today, Governor Brewer imposed the largest property tax increase in Arizona history and blames "extremists" for her failure (yet) to pass the Brewer $3 billion tax increase on Arizona families. Jan is outside the mainstream. It's time for new leadership.

  2. Looks like Bart's idea of leadership is to take a poll. Thankfully, Jan Brewer has real leadership and the political courage to put the people of Arizona before her own career.

    Bob Haran,
    American Conservative Republican