Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pullen Says Obama Presidency; Broken Promises, Rampant Spending, Chicago-style Politics

From Matt Roberts,
Arizona Republican Party

Broken promises, rampant government spending, and Chicago-style politics have marred the first 200 days of the Obama Presidency according to Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen. After examining the achievements of President Obama’s first six months in office, Chairman Pullen has concluded that the soaring rhetoric didn't produce the results Americans so sorely need during this time of economic turmoil.

As unemployment continues to rise and the President’s approval ratings decline, many are taking inventory of the progress made by the Obama Administration and have been disappointed with results. Nationwide polling from respected organizations like the Wall Street Journal, Gallup and CNN have shown President Obama’s polling numbers deteriorate the more Americans learn about him and his political agenda.

“President Obama campaigned on a platform of hope for a better tomorrow,” said Chairman Pullen. “If government spending was the answer to the problems Americans are experiencing right now he certainly has made his best effort to solve the crisis. But we know that burdening future generations with debt is as wrong as it is ineffective in dealing with the today’s economy. But the President seems to think otherwise.”

“During the Democrat President’s first 200 days, he has seemingly made it his mission to spend us into oblivion and Americans are beginning to see the President for what he is. Another big-government, big-spending liberal who thinks that all of our problems can be solved with government intervention,” the Chairman said.

“The President and his administration even found time to bully the state of Arizona and try to intimidate our Senators Kyl and McCain by threatening to withhold stimulus dollars,” the Chairman continued. “That type politics may work for Chicago community organizers, but it is offensive from the President of the United States.”

“I do have to say that President Obama was successful in one thing, motivating our grassroots and improving Republican fundraising,” said Pullen. “People are rightfully concerned with the spending spree that our Democrat President is leading us on. Many feel that under the President’s leadership our country is gotten seriously off track and they need to do something about it. Whether that be taking part in grassroots activism or contributing to our efforts to fight a plan to institute a government-run healthcare system.”

“So far Democrats have shown that they are part of the problem not the solution. The Republican Party will capitalize on that reality and show that the Party of ideas is alive and well in Arizona, and around the country,” the Chairman concluded.

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  1. Randy Pullen, before any legislators knew ... before any Republican Party officials knew ... before the public knew ... made a sweetheart deal as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party to support the largest tax increase in Arizona history. He showed up for the unveiling and smiled. He put his support in a letter on Arizona GOP letterhead. Other than Chuck Coughlin, I doubt that many individual GOP donors could have been happy that he sold out the party for selfish interests. But, don't be surprised when Arizona is the rare state that loses legislative seats while Republicans are winning across the country. Randy Pullen ruined the GOP brand at the state level in Arizona. The beauty of it all is that Randy has a price. What will that price be to get him to leave Arizona? Will it be cheaper to just get him to quit the party (he's becoming a tax-hiking liability) or give up any silly notion of ascending beyond RNC Treasurer when he's already humiliated himself, humiliated the Arizona GOP and become recognized as a disaster among many GOP leaders, committeemen and concerned parties?