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  1. AZ Governor “fiscally irresponsible” and the entire Democrat legislature with the help of a few fiscally irresponsible Republicans helped her put the economy and budget in the tank. Let’s blame those that not once but on several occasions passed reckless budgets ignoring the principles of fiscal responsibility as they tried to please the tax and spend crowd and put working families and small businesses in great jeopardy of huge tax increased to pay for this spending spree.

    Many of us warned and warned against reckless spending. We voted NO on several budgets as they were out of balance, contained new spending programs, increased entitlements, added more regulation on businesses. Some of continue to try and protect the taxpayer from tax and spend legislators and Governors.

    For six years, Napolitano steered the state government toward a budget crisis. iceberg,”
    In fact, while the state population PLUS inflation grew at 6.5% average in the last six years, the Governor and cohorts grew government at a 12.5% average for the past 6 years!!!

    Gov. Janet Napolitano “fiscally irresponsible.” Now she leaves a state in a fiscal crisis as she heads for D.C.

    If she had just worked with us to curb illegal immigration, we could have saved billions of dollars in cost to the taxpayer in education, healthcare and criminal justice cost. Over $1 billion in K-12 along to educate illegal alien children and hundreds of millions in healthcare, criminal justice, job loss, wages depressed and not to mention the murders, maimings, drugs, home invasions, car jackings, human smuggling victims, and the list goes on.

    Rapid budget growth raised spending to unsustainable levels, resulting in massive budget deficits when the real estate bubble popped and the economy began to flag.

    As stated by the AFP, "With more than $11 billion in spending commitments (including formula spending increases and cumulative K-12 rollovers), and revenues unlikely to top $8 billion, the state government is looking at a structural deficit for FY 2010 of over $3 billion, or 30 percent of the state budget—one of the nation’s worst budget crises."
    As evidence of Napolitano’s record:

    • A 17-percent spending increase in 2004, which occurred when several fiscally liberal Republicans joined with Democrats to pass the Governor’s budget bill.

    • Spending that was often dramatically higher than estimates provided by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and university economists.

    • "The Governor’s enormously unbalanced FY 2009 budget, which AFP Arizona called “a $10.9 billion budget masquerading as a $9.9 billion budget,” at a time when revenues were projected to be $9.1 billion (the budget passed this June, with the help of all Democrats and a handful of fiscally liberal Republicans)".

    • A billion-dollar borrowing plan y universities. To paid for by the declining lottery sales.

    • The Governor actually requested a few hundred million from the federal government knowing the national deficit is around $9 trillion.

    The income and property tax cuts Napolitano signed in 2006 were tainted by the excessive spending increases she extracted from the Legislature in the bargain. For every surplus dollar in 2006 that was returned to taxpayers, two dollars went to new spending.
    Napolitano has been reckless in her spending and the growth of socialist programs and has left with a huge deficit. Had we controlled spending and kept it in line with
    population grown and inflation, we have a surplus today instead of a deficit in spite of the economy down turn.

    Now we have the challenge and huge challenge of trying to fix this crisis with one hand tied behind our back because of voter protected spending, entitlements, and the cost of illegal immigration. As the Governor runs out of town we the taxpayers will bare the burden and responsibility to get our fiscal house in order. Yes, we will blamed for deep reductions in spending and programs, most of which are new and were started at a time we could not afford them in the first place.

    In Arizona voters have spoken loudly by electing a majority fiscally responsible legislators and we will do what this Governor refused to do. Be Responsible to the taxpayer.

    Senator-Elect Russell Pearce, LD18, Mesa (Senate Appropriations Chairman)