Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obama Pays Back Unions

American Conservative Republicans are going to have to start carefully watching on Fridays for damaging news about Obama and the Democratic Party. This past Friday the Arizona Democratic Party announced that their newly elected state chairman was stepping down after only two weeks and, the Friday before that it was announced that Obama's choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Daschle, had some tax errors.

President Barack Obama on Friday paid back organized labor for their support by quietly signing an executive order requiring the use of union labor for federal construction projects.

Mainstream Media may not have noticed this latest Friday, (keep this out of the headlines), executive order signing by the president but Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and the RNC did.

Here is what Chairman Steele had to say about Obama's executive order, "President Obama's executive order will drive up the cost of government at a time when we should be doing everything possible to save taxpayer dollars. Federal contracts should go to the businesses that can offer taxpayers the best value - not just the unions who supported the Democrats' campaigns last year. Quietly signing executive orders to payback campaign backers undermines Obama promise to change Washington. It is a disappointment for Americans hoping for more transparency and less politics as usual in Washington."

The American Conservative Republican is in total agreement with Chairman Steele. Tax dollars don't belong to the Democratic or the Republican Party's, they belong to the people and should be spent wisely in the people's best interest, not used to payback political favors. What President Obama did, out of the public spotlight, on Friday was to put party before country and politics before principle.

"Mr President, that's not your money, give government contracts to whomever gives the taxpayer the best value for their money."

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